How many days can a person be alone without going mad?

September 10, 2016

Three hundred and twenty two days….beyond that everything begins to degrade.

No! Please understand, it’s not a matter of sagacity one has in reserve or even will power and least of all mental strength.

The human mind is simply not designed to go beyond three hundred and twenty two days alone, not without running the risk of decaying mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Three hundred and twenty two days!

‘After 200 days you will not only be inclined to talk regularly to your dogs. But under the right conditions. You may also find yourself engaged in a deep spirited debate with it – on where do canines go when they die….but don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal. Don’t beat yourself up. It’s just your mind’s way of coping with desolation and being alone….that’s perfectly natural.

After 200 days just the mere act of living will demand every molecule of your will power deserving nothing short of the pour le merite. By this time paranoia, insomnia and hallucinations will be quite normal. Understand this! It is not a question of character nor will power – as under those extreme circumstances the mind will begin to turn against itself and begin the process of devouring all sense and sensibilities.

Beyond two hundred days without the benefit of training and experience….in my studied opinion the expedition is lost.’

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