Reason & Intuition

September 10, 2016

Last week I was hastily informed the millers had convened an emergency meeting which required my presence. Naturally the organizers were informed I would attend. The agenda of the meet seemed benign enough….price negotiations.

On the date when I was supposed to attend….I cooked up some excuse on the eleventh hour stating that I had to attend to some other urgent business and it’s regrettable that I am unable to be present.

I sensed a trap. I need to stretch out the negotiations to beyond September possibly even November. I need to buy for more time. Above all I need to transform time into a wonder weapon.

I was proven right two days thereafter.


‘Every man is born with three brains. The first is the one that is located between his ears. The second is his dick and finally his gut. I don’t want to talk about the second brain as it’s capacity to think independently and even overpower the primary brain is already a well documented subject…. suffice to say, it certainly has a mind of it’s own.

The gut is a sort of primitive brain as well. That is to say while it has sufficient brain cells to sense danger and perhaps even opportunity. It lacks enough of it to supply an explanation as to how or why it derive at a conclusion….so it is a bit like the magic sitar….it can only tell the truth, but it cannot tell you why – so next time when you have a gut feel about something or someone…you better believe it!

As that’s your inner voice speaking to you.

Reason however is like a bulldozer – reasoning is an act of will to fathom the unknown by attempting to arrange facts in an understandable manner thru the act of constructing a coherent picture.

It all looks very studied and intelligent and methodical.

With intuition it is always messy. As one does not start at the outer edges in the way one begins to put together a jig saw puzzle. Rather there is no discernable pattern, symmetry or even method to speak of – only a rough feel of how things may pan out. This is why so many people remain so uncomfortable and suspicious about relying on their gut feel. As one large part of it FIRST requires one to surrender the thinking mind….it is the act of giving in to unknown that we usually experience difficult coming to terms with. Men have a very very big hang up. Women in my experience are quite neutral and in some cases they are perfectly comfortable with switching off their brain completely…that is why when it comes to people…women usually make better decisions than men!

For me the case is very clear…for man to gainfully survive and thrive in the wild, he must learn to tune inwards and trust his inner voice – it’s very normal to rely on intuition rather than reasoning to get by in the wild.

As when one intuits, it is possible to penetrate the unknowable, only one must also learn to accept that to explain it is usually impossible….this is the part that most people have trouble coping….they must know. If they don’t know. They don’t believe!

With reason however, it is not only possible to beacon out the murk but to also supply an explanation….and there lies the danger.’

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