On War

September 12, 2016

Last week a neighboring landowner asked why I was not insulted when I did not receive an invitation by the other landowners to attend the upcoming full moon festival dinner gala.

I could only manage this as a reply – to say I am not insulted is not entirely true. As no matter how one may interpret this slight – it is nonetheless a deliberate act sanctioned by the rest of the landowners to send a very clear message that I am not welcome…so of course, it is regrettable as it is sad.

I went on to add. Nonetheless, this also signals they have every intention to prosecute this war on a long term basis…either that or I will have to bow to them. Since the latter is NEVER going to be a reality..there is no other alternative…..besides I went on to share with this fellow…this was not such a big deal – as if a man has three or five hundred acres…then whether he gets invited or not will not have to power to change what he already owns. If you are telling me, this invitation has the power to transform three hundred acres into thirty acres…then it is another manner.

As it is, it only the illusion of power and influence.


‘It is a matter of profound indifference to me how is right or wrong. Once a war begins in earnest….all these considerations are meaningless. What remains pertinent is the intelligent arrangement and deployment of resources to prosecute on the war. That to me is the only consideration.’

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