The Nutty Weather

September 13, 2016

September is supposed to usher the arrival of the last monsoon for what’s left of this year. It began well enough, but lately the weather has turned scorching hot again!

Many farmers have been caught out. Believing the rains and the good times are back. Many began replanting and manuring, but without rain….nothing can ever grow and whatever little that manages to grow will certainly turn out pear shaped….it’s no bloody good.

If the rains in September fail to find it’s line. It’s very likely November will be a no show as well.

So far I’ve kept my powder dry and haven’t really started anything….that’s good as it means I haven’t lost anything at all. But it also means I am likely to get nothing either.

Let’s see how it all turns out.


‘So far I’ve cut all the right moves – much of it has to do with pot luck. But that’s a cause for worry. As I can’t be lucky all the time…..that’s to say it’s not reasonable to expect me to call the right shots ALL the time. Some maybe. But not all the time.

It’s difficult to read the weather these days. Impossible even. The rains should have arrived…but with the exceptional hot weather – even the best rain clouds are way too high to break on land. Most of it I imagine fall into the sea.

Today I looked at a bird perched on a tree – I said to myself, ‘you decide, if you fly to the right. I will begin replanting and manuring. If it’s to the left…then we will just let it chill.

Guess what? That bird just remained perched on that branch as if it was superglued.

That really sums it up for me….had a good laugh after that….what else is there? But to maybe laugh in the dark.’

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