The road of life

September 13, 2016

One thing you absolutely have to do: find your line…to walk, and create the way by putting one foot in front of the other; you will not find a ready-made path. Not even when others say this is the road that leads to ‘there.’ No! That is not the road….and as you walk that road, somewhere in between two lamppost – it will dawn upon you….you are on the wrong road.

It cannot be so cheap, to journey to the ultimate realization of truth.

No matter how you choose to see it – in the final analysis, only you can create the path by walking yourself.


‘Metaphors are very powerful. As it allows us to make significant connections and reach some form of understanding between us and the world. When we learn to see our life as a journey. We will always say to ourselves – we are just passing thru here only once.

It is really like that for me…at times the road is very long and windy. At other times it stretches out quite effortlessly. Then there are those times when the road is just plain dangerous and scary…..but since I am a traveller on this road. I take it all in…the good, bad and ugly without clinging to any expectations.

You see I am really only passing thru here once.

In the same way from time to time…we encounter kindred spirits. At other times, we come across malingerers and cheats…but even then…they are all fellow travelers as well.

And should things get too crazy….I always remind myself – I can always stop, sit on a rock and enjoy the view.’

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