Why Malaysia desperately NEEDS a snap election

September 18, 2016

Whether the custodians of power are inclined to come to terms with reality or not. This hardly alters the fact: Malaysia is well and truly a divided country by every conceivable definition.

As when a situation presents itself in the stark and naked terms of ‘it is what it is!’

What one thinks, counts for squat – it is, what it is and no amount of negotiations will ever alter that reality.

The issue to me is strictly mechanical and purely administratively functional – it pertains solely to the legitimacy to lead the country.

As it is Malaysia resembles so many countries within one country – there are many who remain unhappy about how the 1 MDB case is handled. We are not talking about two people and one parrot perching on a mango tree…this just happens to be a significant cachet of voters who incidentally run into seven figures.

Then there are those who have absolutely no idea where to plumb…they are sitting on the fence and who can blame them – as since it’s so messy and there is so much extraneous noise…all it does is amplifies the confusion and heighten this state of dissonance. Again they are not happy either.

Then there are those who are not happy about what they see as their diminishing rights to question those in power…they too are not happy.

To complicate matters. There exist a very small and deluded minority who believe Malaysians have no right whatsoever to either question or voice their legitimate opinions concerning the state of the country – and since this peculiar folk can really only continue to alienate reasonable and sane people by their heavy handedness all they are doing is turning would be supporters of BN into die hard enemies. So everyone is not happy.

Not even the supposedly ‘happy’ people who are tasked to make sure BN wins can be truly happy either – as even they cannot be so delusional, out of touch and disconnected with the rakyat that they don’t want people to genuinely support them for all the right and not the wrong reasons. After all they too want to be respected as well…they too have to look in the mirror and the eyes of their children and take comfort in the believe what they stand for and do is good for king, country and people wot!

The problem in Malaysia is much bigger than just Mahathir or whoever that chooses to step up to the plate….it has reached a point when it’s like a debilitating disease that has rooted itself deep within the marrows of the bones of the country – like I said things in Malaysia is very messy and so it is very natural for the vast majority of people to be anxious and apprehensive about the future.

That is why a snap elections will clear the air once and for all….even if it doesn’t achieve anything at all. At least it will set out very clearly where the current custodians of power stand in relation to the rakyat….if they don’t garner the requisite votes. Please go lah…see you, have a nice life…next please. If they are able to secure the magic numbers to form a government…then carry on lah!

No need to talk, think or speculate endlessly.

Either way…if a snap elections is the cards. I for one will certainly welcome it like a breathe of fresh air. Only because it holds out the promise of some measure of much needed clarity to what seems to be a perpetual fog that has descended upon a very messy country called Malaysia.


‘Malaysia needs competent planters. So does North Korea it seems..planters over there are revered. They occupy very high social standings. The moment a planter walks into the North Korean embassy and even if he casually mentions – I am mildly interested to explore agricultural possibilities in your country. They’re treated like Gods and offered an all expense red carpet fourteen day tour of Dear leader land. Depending on one’s credentials – there’s even a possibility to dine with the man himself… I am not kidding. They are even prepared to find you a wife. How I know, please don’t ask – I just know.

In Africa same thing – planters and the shaman, the medicine man occupy the same social standing as they are considered the midwifes of all life and in the Ukraine – they are so desperately short of modern agricultural technology and know how, the moment you even hint, you might want to farm – the KGB will open a file on you. It’s automatic. Shortly thereafter a tall and very beautiful Russian sex agent will attempt to influence with a once in a lifetime offer from the ministry of livestock and agricultural of a twenty five year concession with an option to be extended in perpetuity for land with a FOC quickie to sweeten the deal….if you signify acceptance by tasting the crumpet..again don’t ask how I know all these clandestine things. Bc my lips like my zipper is forever sealed with superglue lah.

We are not only talking here about planters specifically, we could just as well be discussing every conceivable skill set that needs to support a modern sovereign state that has to maintain it’s infrastructure and grow it’s natural and industrial attributes coherently….in short. Malaysia cannot do without thinkers…no country that has a serious blueprint for sustainable growth can do without thinkers. They can do with thugs, gangsters, people who like to throw innocent people into prison, merchants of lies who slander people for a living…but they will all go nowhere without thinkers!

If stupid people are managing high speed rail networks – that’s no bloody good at all….as in the long run, no one will every buy a ticket to sit on a train that takes them to heaven…that is what happens when low IQ people can only be found by scrapping the bottom of the barrel to manage complex enterprises. They mess things up then run and hide. Same goes for every category of trade and commerce as well – they all need serious thinkers to make meaningful progress.

But to manage a knowledge based population also requires a knowledge based administration and most important a knowledge based led thoughtware that enables thinkers and not disable them – and all this needs to be anchored on the rule of law.

Of course there exist no shortage of stupid people who are all too willing to say – don’t like it…go lah! The problem is these same people cannot manage high speed rail networks or for that matter plan or manage anything beyond a mamak teh Tarik shop competently either – if they can do all these high performance work that demands intellectual capital then they would not be so cavalier in their attitude towards the acute Malaysian brain drain problem.

Neither would they have any problems understanding the basic building blocks of statecraft and WHY it doesn’t pay to piss off thinking folk and antagonize intellectuals if one is seriously about making progress on a national level.

Already as it is Malaysia is losing it’s attractiveness to many young graduates and would be investors – many have decided not to return and instead work abroad or keep their investment plans on permafrost. Many say it’s the lousy exchange rate or the lack of job opportunities brought forth by a slowing global economy….say what you like, but no one can certainly deny if people cannot even think and talk freely without ending up in strange places they rather not be, then it’s one more reason for them not to return.

After all if that is going to be the case for life – then tell me what is the difference between turning the wheel of life in Africa from Malaysia? Of course Africa is very dangerous…but if people are just voicing out their legitimate concerns and they end up in funny places they rather not be…what then is there really to quibble about danger here or there?

Isn’t it the same here and there…when things go to the dogs?

Use your mentality! Isn’t the case clear. As either way business realities are as follows – per metric ton of produce or minerals mined in Africa the potential on one’s return of investment is minimum 1,000% – you see even African leaders are a very realistic and highly considerate lot to provision high returns by factoring in danger $ to make it worthwhile for businessmen to put up with the inconvenience of dodging bullets, getting hijacked by the local power crazed chieftains, the occasional bubonic plague, crappy bureaucracy, non existent rule of law, super lax gun laws, firearms going off accidentally etc etc.

See my point…it’s so very clear to me….now you understand why it’s not a reasonable nor workable proposition to stop people from thinking or for that matter gagging them – not if what thinkers have to say happen to be timely, reasonable, legitimate and intelligent…want to do that, then be prepared for a basket case country….the way I see it, it’s very immature and childish to expect the blessings smart and capable people can offer without at least having the courtesy and tolerance to put up with some of their quirks.’

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