Double Vision

September 24, 2016

My phone has been ringing non stop since yesterday. I have decided to keep it in the refrigerator. As I read recently Samsung cellphones have been spontaneously combusting…mine is a Samsung.

It seems the oil mill barons are desperately trying to contact me. As there is a rumor I am transporting my fruit despite the rainy season thru the treacherous hill route to the East. This route was previously believed to be impassable and it even goes by the menacing name ‘land rover eater’ – bukit makan landrover.

For the whole of last week lorries covered with tarpaulins have been plying this route. Everyone has seen them.

So it is very natural for the oil mill barons to feel anxious as in the past they have pressed me so very hard on the selling price as they believe since the hilly route is impassable during the rainy season – I have no choice but to sell them my fruit.

But this year seems to be different….this year the route that was previously impassable has been breached. So it seems.

I shall allow the phone to ring and ring for another day. Then I will commence price negotiations with the millers – my terms will be structured along the lines of take it or leave it with exactly fifteen minutes for a final answer. Thereafter if no decision is forthcoming. I will decide for them what the selling price would be for what’s left for this year and the next.

Truth is for weeks I have leaked the rumor I am very unhappy with the crummy price the millers have been shoving down my throat.

Truth is everyone from the village postman to the dunce knows that I have been trying my very best to punch a hole out to the East.

Truth is all the lorries that plied the route the whole of last week were all completely empty and many of them even had to sneak back and run the same route to make it appear as if many lorries were using the route.

All warfare it seems is based on deception.


‘When you are dealing with deadly grizzly bears and you conduct yourself like a rabbit. Do not be surprised if one of those bears use you to wipe his ass after a dump. So the moral of the story is you too must pretend to be a grizzly bear as well.

It is hardly a matter of choice.

As in business, people only respect one thing and very little else – how much capacity do you have to affect their livelihoods? If the valence is very small to nominal. Then they will turn against you on one drop of the hat.

But if they know and even think you have the capacity to drive them out of business. Then you will find that they will do your bidding.’

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