Lining up stuff

October 5, 2016

When I was a child. I liked to line up my toys instead of playing with them like other kids. I enjoyed it immensely, not only the way my muscles felt when I put them one after another in a straight row. You could even say, I was much happier after I had completed the task of lining them up and just looking at them thereafter for hours. It seemed stupid to me then to play with toys in the way other kids did – I didn’t understand nor do I have any memories of ever playing with other children.

When I was older. I learnt to hide my ‘affliction’ from the world. My parents told me so many times – if you line things up, people will get scared and they will put you away for good. So I had to settle for just wandering around places where things were naturally lined up. I like libraries. Parks with neat row of hedges and trees. I find wandering around supermarkets fun. All these made me happiest.

In university I spent a lot money and time photographing buildings – I was especially drawn to Nazi era architecture. When I told people this. They frowned at me. So again I had to hide my fetish.



Nowadays I line up trees. I have lined thousands of trees and each one brings me immense joy.


I no longer have to hide my ‘affliction’ any longer. I can be like everyone else….I am a happy planter.

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