October 7, 2016



Just around this time last year. I spent a couple of hours in a cafe scribbling a couple of equations out on a few pieces of napkins to predict the weather…..much of the inspiration came from a blender believe it or not….I kept trying to figure out the negative vortex…..the manager of the cafe was quite irritated by me. As I kept encroaching into the counter area. However all the workers in the cafe were deaf. Deaf folk are all incredibly brotherhood….. especially…… If you know sign language. They don’t give a shit about normal folk. Why should they? ‘Normal’ folk don’t ever take the time or trouble to understand their world or even bother to learn anything about their condition let alone even spend their brain juice trying to figure out how to say thank you in sign language. They live by their own rules. So we all ignored the screaming manager while I kept instructing them on how to run the blender again and again and again…till he got so frustrated. He stripped right down to his apron and stomped right off. Fuck him lah! Eventually, I cracked the Da Vinci code. I wouldn’t exactly classify my formulation as anything near elegant, but that was really how I saw it – no one was very interested in what I had to say then. A couple of boffins even labelled me an ‘incorrigible scare monger’. Had a shouting match with them….they barred me from speaking. Since then every single one of my weather prediction has been spot on defying even the experts….now everyone is interested to know what I have to say for the rest of this year and the next.

But I rather eat cake and drink coffee.



‘It is very easy to delude oneself that you know it all or slip into the mistaken belief – there is really only one way to live, see the world and remain human and to even believe all differences really only lie in the details. So easy. But if one sets aside some time and observe deaf people – suddenly a whole new dimension of life that never existed before comes into being… understand how it is to deaf. One needs to commune in silence. Not just the variety where you can cut out the sound that irritates you. But all forms of sounds…music…the good sounds even.

When one is able to do this. The first thing one becomes conscious of is the self and how incredibly lonely one can be.

That is why deaf people are all incredibly sensitive and caring unlike normal people.

They all have a special empathy for those who are different….if you happen to be different. You don’t ever need to say it out loud to deaf people. No you don’t. All you have to do is sit down quietly and they will all know….you are just like them. Different from all other people.’

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