On life….in general

October 15, 2016

Q: You seem to take a lot of interest in world affairs and politics – is there any particular reason that accounts for your motivation?

A: I don’t think it’s possible to trust the mainstream press any longer. You take the case of GOP between Hillary versus Trump and the first thing that hits you is how evacuated of content the reportage is – I don’t see this as an indictment of journalistic standards per se. Rather it’s a function of how even news these days has to be spliced down into baby nano bites to accommodate the twitter generation readership who simply don’t have the patience to bear out deep reading any longer.

For me what happens around the world will always be very important at a strategic level. Because it will give me time to react. I make it a point to get regular briefings from as diverse a source as possible every week to enable me to compare, contrast and winnow truth from propaganda. Then I make an informed guess as to what is likely to pan out in the future.

Q: How do you spend your free time besides work?

A: I update my blog regularly with musings – it’s not really done specifically to garner readership in mind. I don’t much care about that aspect. It’s more to do with selfish me and how it gives me an opportunity to interact with my thought processes on a continuous basis. I find that keeping a blog can be incredibly edifying and revealing. As I am often surprised by some of the things I end up thinking and writing myself.

Besides updating my blog. I like to cook as well.

Q: You don’t spend a lot of time socializing do you?

A: Well. I live smack in the middle of a plantation. So I am a bit like Will Smith in that movie I am Legend – where I have to finish all my chores and get back before the sun goes down to lock down – that means I rarely ever go out during the evenings. Except maybe when I am in the city.

Q: You often write about your discomfort whenever you visit the city. Can you elaborate further.

A: When one stays all alone in a desolate place and the only thing that appears from time to time to jolt you out of the litany of reverie…to remind…perhaps…maybe…you are not the last person on the face of this planet is a distant vapor trail of a jet high above – then you’re probably suffering from an acute case of Hysteria Siberiana.

It’s a disease where people just go stark raving mad because of prolonged exposure to isolation.

I seem to have a naturally immunity against isolation – maybe NASA should take a sample of my blood and study it to improve their chances of making it all the way to Mars.

But when I am suddenly in the city – it’s just a massive sensory overload. I am accustomed to only seeing the world in a perpetual backdrop of green. Green is the color that comforts me most. Whenever I am in the city everything assaults me – I move very carefully as I am not accustomed to seeing so many things all at once.

Usually I just sit down and rarely ever move. At other times I ring the doorbell of houses with lush gardens and I tell the mistress of the house I need to sit down – it’s a life or death situation. Most people look at me strangely at first. But they know I am genuine and harmless and usually they accommodate my strange request and even serve me tea and biscuits. As I seem to be dressed in very old clothes from another era – so there is always this quality where the mistress of the house is always wondering whether I might have stepped right out of a time machine or something.

But generally people are very nice to me in the city.

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