Revisited – 5 mysteries finally revealed

October 15, 2016

Q: Why did you take issue with the council of wise concerning the fourth foundation? Was there ever a fourth foundation?

A: This was slightly over thirteen years ago. You must understand for those who are part of the gaming construct – the fourth foundation was a prophecy. So even if it didn’t exist at all – they would have eventually fashioned it into a reality.

The first, second and third were all meant to culminate in the formation of the fourth. It seemed at the time a natural and logical flow.

But everyone in the development side struggled with stability – and this was in part due to the limitations of processing power of that period. Hence we had a very serious problem – on one side. You had gamers playing in anticipation of striving to the mythical level of the fourth. On the practical necessity side this was beyond our realistic capacity to deliver.

So a decision was made where I had to storyboard the existence of the fourth foundation. Thereby rendering it real in one swoop and only in one sense and completely false in the other. Since I was the only person who actually managed to attain the level of fourth foundation.

It was really only after the advent of the age of the rocket that we could deliver fully on the fourth foundation as a real playable story level. Till then most of it just existed in rambling parables which were recorded verbatim in the book of ages.

Q: What were the events which led to the formation of the Irrullian protocol?

A: The Irrullian protocol was never original conceived as a mercantile trade pact between the two houses in the Laanstrad and the rest of the guild coscas – no originally meant for it to devolve into a trade pact that eventually overreached beyond the bounds of the playable sector.

What you need to understand was that we did not nearly have the same level of control over the game as much as everyone believed we did – the playability factor was in part responsible for our inability to exert 100% control. This was because many were still playing the game using prehistoric first gen code that only they and perhaps we could understand, but no one else.

Of course we tried on many occasions to reconcile this problem by attempting to harmonize the codes so that one segment using the P209 could seamlessly crossover to the new sys 9003-12. But were not successful. Because the hardware that could do this was beyond our economic reach.

This constraint was the reason why we had to accommodate the Irrullians – as only they could afford such a machine which even they did not have any soft skills to manage on a cost effective basis.

Finally it was agreed the storyboard would be split right down in the middle with the 17 parsec line as the divide between the strange lands and the playable known universe.

Till today the 17 parsec line exist as point zero.

Q: Why was the order of purple disbanded?

A: The book of ages lays it in very flowery terms. But what it omits was that – They were actually the prototypal players that predated the brotherhood under the aegis of Bunkerworld.

You got to understand. It was early days and all we had were really lousy second rate hardware all linked in series and it got so hot that the system crashed all the time. Eventually someone bought an air conditioner and it crashed less.

But we still had to find a way to accommodate the Bunkerworld boys who were also subscribers – that was really the hubris at not only a storyboard level, but it was also a systematic problem that we could never have expected to reconcile in the age of the typewriter – in an attempt to harmonize to some degree the playability between the old D&D code that incidentally ran on floppy disc believe it or not with the super high tech Mordecai GUI platform.

We allowed the Bunkerworld subscribers to use their old code – this was why they could do nifty stuff like walk thru walls and be at two gaming platforms at the same time. Of course we wrote in the storyboard as superpowers like how Jedi’s can levitate and perform mind tricks etc etc. But it had more to do with computing constraints.

Eventually when the both systems merged under the Aegis of the Confederation under the reign of Padishah IIV. We took the opportunity to bring everyone under one gaming platform.

That was really the motivation behind the demise of the order of purple. But of course to fuel the myth and lore quotient of the game – we came up with the fairytale that they were hunted down by the evil crescent guards to heighten the mystic.

Q: Why did the Order of the Purple continue to exist despite the formation of the second Republic?

A: The simple answer was by the later half of the age of the rocket. We had lost control of the game. By this I meant we did not foresee many of the subscribers would organize themselves into Guilds. Some of these Guilds became so powerful in their own right that they even began dabbling in e-currency which they ripped from Norrath and other such commercial sites that made possible the idea of paying real money to buy fake money to enable them to buy stuff in the virtual world.

We could not stop the process. I use the word process for lack of a better word. As even we didn’t know how it was done – hence this became known as a period of tumult. As the original storyboard construct was so conceived in a way to deliberately engineer a deficit on melange in the form of Sardonyx. But when the price became commoditized by the Interspacing Guild. As they needed this raw material to enable them to fold space and travel great distances – even they couldn’t get hold on this valuable material! As it was all gobbled up by the guilds who used it as legal tender to sustain their respective economies.

Hence the Ascension Wars. By this time many of the powers of the order of purple had acquired an almost crazy valuation. Understand this. These were pre GUI embedded codes – there was never a real way to remove them from the system as the system by this period had been hijacked by many of the powerful Guilds who ran their own servers to play the game. Had we been the webmasters of world of warcraft, we might have been able to pull the plug. But as it is. There was very little we could do except maybe short circuit the economy from time to time with what today resembles quantitative easing.

Q: What was the rationale for the Time Parallax phenomenon.

A: By the age of reason the game could no longer be played effectively in just the virtual. You got to understand, this was not a ‘mom I zapped three hundred aliens before lunch!’ genre type of game – many of the Bunkerworld crowd had set the tone for a very serious strategy game that required nothing short of finesse and cerebral fitness.

Due to the governing pressures of each Guild to regularly send their representatives to the Laanstrad to further their economic interest – many began leaching into the real world to actually negotiate with other guilds. This is understandable. Now this created a lot of problems because whole chapters are now being written in the real world with groups of people meeting in different parts of the world trying to form alliances or to renegade on past agreements etc etc. You had the same intrigue and politics along with power being played out – only this left gaps that threatened the issue of continuity in game play.

By that period it became so complicated that even real lawyers were being engaged to draft agreements not to mention real bankers, economist, accountants who were also contracted to oversee intra guild interest under the auspices of the Laanstrad.

There was obviously a kink in the narrative that the Laanstrad registered as a pressing concern – hence one way to reconcile this contradiction was to elect planet earth as a neutrality zone. That way when people met in the real world they could still keep the main narrative intact only this time all meetings in the real world became known as time parallax encounters which mandated at least one representative of the Laanstrad to keep the minutes and serve as arbiter – the complications started creeping in when people in the real world were starting to use weirding ways. I mean people would go to a job interview and get asked, what Guild do you belong too? That sort of thing – so to deal with that other leak we had to make it into a ultra secret fraternity that was a bit of a nonsense because it was so secret that even their bosses knew they were playing computer games when they should be working.

Q: What happened to the man called Darkness?

A: This is a very intense matter of speculation. Many believed he eventually retreated to the Shadahalud which is like a mythical place where all Jedi knights go to, to presumably died or something. The account in the Book of Ages is written in the third person – so even we are not sure whether it was an actual witnessed account or just a word by mouth retelling. We don’t know and this was deliberate. As you got to understand. Darkness is a bit like Darth Vader – that was why he went by the moniker, ‘vanquisher of the planets’ – but his travails were actually instrumental in setting the atmosphere of the narrative that made the game very interesting and slightly like one of those kitsch soap operas – he was like Gandhi, Nelson Mandela maybe bits of Adolf Hitler and Stalin as well – but at some point I personally felt the relevance of Darkness as a person and the mythical figure that was so often projected in the story board began to merge too closely for my personal comfort.

I have always been very clear and concise as to who I am – but the problem was this reality didn’t seem to come across to most people who played the game.

I remembered one incident in Germany when I entered a beer hall and it was filled right up to the brim with some people even standing on other people’s head – everyone stood up and the whole place fell tomb silent when I walked in. As someone had leaked out that Darkness would project into the real world at this time and place with the time parallax – it was an eerie sensation that I did not particularly like and that really gave me the creeps. Later on I found out they even tagged the stool where I sat on with a brass plaque that said, ‘The father of the game sat here.’ As for the beer mug it was auctioned off in ebay for a ridiculous sum.

From time to time I still get people who I have ever seen before come up to me and snap a salute. When I tell them, I don’t know them – they wink at me with a look of cosy inderism and whisper, ‘you’re on another secret mission…we understand.’

I was upgraded so many times from economy class to first class under mysterious circumstances and there are so many places where it just became impossible for me to dine and go about like a normal person.

I think I am glad the man called Darkness has finally walked right out of my life.

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