What happened to the troubled Puppy called Kee Kee

October 18, 2016

Many of my regular readers have been asking what happened to Kee Kee?

Well you can see for yourself. Kee Kee has grown up to be a strong, responsible and beautiful dog. When he was only two weeks for some unknown reason – Kee Kee’s mother rejected him. As he is very different from the other Doberman dogs in the litter – Kee Kee was born with a tanned coat unlike his brothers and sisters who all have a jet black coat. So his mommy tried to kill him. Fortunately I segregated him in time.

Doberman’s do this sometimes – Mother Nature can be so cruel when one is different. I had to be Kee Kee’s surrogate mother during his childhood. He was not loved and ill treated by the other dogs, but my love it seemed was all he really needed to grow up to be the best he can be.

In the posted video you can see Kee Kee performing a security protocol sweep as my car proceeds proceeds very slowly along the plantation road that leads to my safe house.

This is a highly advanced work detail that requires tremendous discipline and self confidence from the dog. As firstly he is separated from the master and secondly he must be courageous and work independently. To perform this work detail. The dog is enabled at full combat mode. In the event he discovers any intruder that is hiding behind the trees or tall brushes to prepare for an ambush. Kee Kee must be able to neutralize him. There is no talking. Straight off the mark. He must be able to bring him down and go for the throat.

This is one of the advanced techniques the Israeli Defense Force K-9 Oketz unit regularly deploy for close protection – it is the gold standard of interdicting threats before they occur.

Since many people are jealous of my success. I have plenty of enemies. I spend many hours training Kee Kee. We both take continuous training very seriously.

He seems to like this work detail very much as once we arrive at the gate of the safe house – usually I reward him with a big juicy bone.

The video shows Kee Kee conducting a sweep in a figure eight motion – constantly moving forward and doubling back behind the car to perform 360 degree checks.

Today Kee Kee is three years old. He is no longer a child dog. In dog years, Kee Kee has finally come of age.

All it takes is love to bring out the best in people and animals. Not any sort of love….definitely not talk, talk and talk love. But real love, the sort even when you close your eyes you know it will never ever run away and leave you….and when you open your eyes again, it will always be there.

Many people can only talk about love. But they cannot love as well as I do.

Kee Kee the once troubled puppy knows this only too well.

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