October 20, 2016


In the moment of my youth everyone believed I was an idiot. As I didn’t talk at all and on those rare moments when I did manage to blurt out something. No one could ever understand me.

Around the age of 11. I started to get fixated on the alphabet ‘I’. I found it a dignified alphabet. So unlike the others. And especially liked the sensation of my muscles whenever I wrote the letter ‘I’. Whenever I saw my favorite alphabet. I would underline all the ‘I’s in a book and in the newspapers, magazines or anything that I could get my hands on. And whenever I came across the alphabet ‘I’ on street signs or in the public – I would stop and look at it side ways and at times do headstands to see how it looks like upside down.

I still do this till this day.

Later on when ‘I’ introduced me to his other alphabet friends. I learnt to read and write. I only began writing a full sentence at around age thirteen.

I am very thankful to my childhood friend, ‘I’


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