Dry Days Ahead

October 21, 2016

October is usually the wettest month in the whole calendar year – historically where I turn the wheel of life, it averages at least 22 decent rainy days – but the rainfall we have been getting for October so far is less than 10% of the historical median average. Today is the 21st. It has really only rained three days for the whole of October so far. There are only ten days left to the end of Oct and it’s very unlikely we will be able to close the deficit.

This month I am afraid is totalled.

After Oct the rains will begin to recede till completely tapering off by January and it will be dry again till maybe mid March.

There after the rainy season will begin again somewhere around mid March to late May.

That means from now till mid March 2017. It’s like to be dry and hot.

Without rain it’s no good. I cannot work my magic. I may have to suck it in and roll with the punches it seems.

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