On ‘mysterious’ and trains

November 2, 2016

It must indeed be disconcerting for many to read that the word mysterious has been associated with trains that should work…but for some mysterious reason…they don’t.

Even by the most forgiving standards. The word mystery should never be associated with trains, planes, rockets, automobiles or anything that is intrinsically constructed along the strict and immovable lines of science.

The term mysterious may very well apply to why so many people continue to believe in flying saucers. Or why they don’t seem to be confounded by how aliens who seem to spin round and round whenever they fly are still able to mysteriously walk unassisted whenever they step out of their space crafts. The term mysterious could even apply to why I never seem to be able to figure out where all my pens go too – maybe they all disappear into some mysterious fourth dimension…..the term could albeit with very limited scope even apply to weather, though the apt word that is usually deployed is phenomenon.

Hence it’s quite incomprehensible for me to understand how the word mysterious can be associated with trains….now that is certainly very very mysterious.

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