Kee Kee’s first lesson – invisibility

November 5, 2016


The rainy season is finally here. This is the only time of the year to train a young pup – how to hunt. In the dry season this is not possible…too many distracting scents. Dogs after all don’t ever see the world like you and me…they make out the known world mostly thru their sense of smell. Hence during the wet season, this is the only period when all distracting scents are washed away allowing one to teach them how to hunt by relying on their eyes and radar hearing.

Young palm leafs are cut and put around Kee Kee’s collar. The strong smell of the palm resin is to prevent Kee Kee from relying on his keen sense of smell. The second function is to confuse the prey. As dogs can be picked up one kilometer away downwind by most wild animals – this unusual camouflage will make Kee Kee invisible to most wild animals.

Kee Kee does not seem to like his new jungle collar – it is itchy…maybe. Or perhaps he can longer rely on his sense of smell. There is even a possibility he is confused as to why he no longer looks like a dog.

But this is the first lesson for all hunting dogs.

To be invisible in the wild….one must first wear the jungle and be comfortable in your own skin.


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