Learn to set aside evil spells

November 10, 2016

Today a group of oil millers made it clear in at an oil palm convention publicly, they refuse to talk to me – to which I told everyone else, that is their prerogative. Now if you don’t mind. I will have to talk to others.

They were all very surprised that I did not insist on talking to them. After when my delegation stood up abruptly and marched out – there was pandemonium.


‘Never allow others to stick labels on you – as it is nothing short of an act of power.

Call a man mad and believe it or not you have cast an evil spell that if others choose to believe, then it will be an agreement and soon even if that person is perfectly sane – he will be treated like a mad man.

I have seen this many times. Call a man useless and hopeless and virtueless and if a man believes it – even a capable man will end up useless, hopeless and virtueless.

As when one says and another agrees or gives it even a morsel of space to take root in the mind – then it can only grow.

So learn to cast aside evil spells by repudiating them forcefully and confidently with finality.

Do not be ashamed to say – I do not agree with you. Better still go tell them to fuck off. Or let us agree to disagree and learn to be comfortable to walk right out of the door – When one is comfortable with just this. One is simply rendering evil spells powerless and impotent and it has no dominion over one – as when one learns to only to do this and this alone. Suddenly everything becomes so very clear.’

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