Keeping a very low profile

November 11, 2016

When the price of oil palm rockets skywards….everyone it seems wants to seek my opinion…..everyone wants to know whether I can do lunch….everyone throws me twenty questions – usually I disappear whenever a mood of exuberance sets in.

My feel is too many talk. When they should be remain still and listen and reflect on what’s actually happening.

During such times my movements are random and frequently unpredictable. I can suddenly appear in places and for appointments that was not scheduled. Or simply cancel them in the last minute. I trust no one. I am suspicious of everything even the most benign and interrogate everything. Even all my electronic devices are frequently turned off during the day. The security is so tight. Nothing can ever get thru or come out.

Above all I trust my judgement least of all.


‘Many people are shocked by the Trump victory. When you ask them why they are shocked. They will exclaim you have to be delusional not to be shocked. After all the polls said time and again Hillary Clinton was set to win by a landslide. So did the newspapers. As for the political pundits they echoed the same message that Trump never stood a chance in hell to walk into the White House. Even the political establishment read it all so very wrong that they ended up holding on tightly to the wrong end of the stick right up to the eleventh hour.

Everyone got it wrong – they saw what they wanted to see, heard only what they wanted to hear and thought what everyone else seem to be thinking.

But when one sits down calmly and ask – how is it possible to neglect the needs and aspirations of so many US workers for so long without at least incurring a backlash? How is it possible to sustain an inequitable system where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer for so long without at least running the danger of a backlash? How is it even possible to maintain a double standard system where the rich seem to get all the opportunities while the lot of the common Joe gets smaller till it’s virtually impossible to make ends meet…surely all this would all culminate in a day of reckoning.

When one sits down and reflect on this calmly, alone and without the distraction of noise. Then very slowly the realization emerges – those who were shocked by Trump’s victory are actually the delusional one’s. There are so awfully disconnected from reality. You could even say they live in their own manufactured version of reality that is unhinged from the workings of the real world.

Yes anyone can fall into that sort of mind trap.

That is why I always keep a very low profile and much prefer to be alone most of the time. I don’t like crowds. I’ve even been known to clear whole buildings out of people or to only have meetings at very unearthly hours just to keep a very low profile… doing that keeps one grounded…clear and very level headed.

Remember, when you are doing well spare a thought for those who may be less fortunate than you. If you earn big bucks. Keep a low profile. Don’t be too loud and showy. Better still learn to disappear and go about your business whisper silent like a submarine. This way when you are out of sight, you will hopefully also be out of mind and never be a target as well.

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