The power of a quiet mind

November 11, 2016

In order to see things as they truly are and not what others say it is, one must absolutely cultivate the art of being comfortable within solitude. Solitude is not loneliness. Solitude is the form that allows you to stand without fear before loneliness. For one must first overcome the fear of being alone.

When fear has no dominion over the mind in the sea of loneliness…that is when one is encased in the the force field of solitude – then everything that once jumped up and down and made just noise will begin to still and quieten down. Only then will ceaseless chatter of the world begin to grow silent giving way to nothingness and all that remains is the true fearless self.

In this state of mind. Nothingness is not nothingness. It is simply the form of the quiet mind.


‘Quietness can never come into the essence of one’s being without considerable effort. Since I am autistic. I am naturally quiet. I have observed man is by nature fearful of quietness….he always feels the imposition to make noise by what he cleverly describes as polite conversation. To put it another way, he feels the imposition of others on his being like a stone on his chest…..but the real reason that compels him to make noise is – deep down man has always been fearful of being alone. Since the moment of his youth, he has been scripted to believe – quietness and loneliness are loathsome and undesirable states of mind. Therefore if you look around man is always like a going around like a deaf man with wires and small speakers stuck to his ears – they make noise in the form of music and like a baby that is soothe, he feels comforted by noise… is a form of connection….to something that he does not quite know or has never felt the compulsion to even seek to understand. But in reality – it is the very fear of loneliness itself that compels all of us to reach out and seek validation, approval and respect from the world beyond us that I shall refer too as the external in this blog entry.

When so much of one’s being is reaching out instead of turning inwards into the quietness – that simply means one existence is entirely invested in the external. The internal world of quietness is neglected like a locked up room….soon it becomes a place to be feared.

But the real reason why man does not see the wisdom to go inwards into quietness is there is nothing inside his core – like I said, it’s a fearful room that has always been locked that is how man learns to fear loneliness.

When one is fearful of loneliness – then even if one is completely in the embrace of solitude. A thousand voices will be murmuring in one’s head…it is like a chorus of chants – one is always interrogating the self against the external – did I say the right thing to him or her during that meeting? How was my response just then, could it have been better or was it to rash? What does he or she think about me? Will I get that thing or has it slipped from my fingers? Etc etc. One is always living in either the distant past or future but never in the present.

When the mind is always craving the approval, respect and validation from the external – one can only be like a scared child in this very dark lonely room. Suddenly it becomes a very intimidating and scary place that is too painful for one to bear for any length of time.

But a mature mind always goes inwards – this is the first protocol of all mature minds, it does not seek answers outside the self. As it knows it to be a hall of mirrors that is like the perpetual blur of a noisy whirlwind that can only cloud the mind and take it further away from the core of one’s being.

Above all a mature mind is never afraid of loneliness. As even in the complete desolation of solitude – it since it craves absolutely nothing, certainly not your approval, or respect or even your love. It desires absolutely nothing that can be offered by the external.

All that the mind who does not fear loneliness seeks – is to be at one with the power of quietness, to seek absolute and complete communion with quietness….till the self disappears completely into this void of nothingness.

Nothingness is not nothing. It is the form of the quiet mind.’

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