Look at Najib….I told you all dressing well pays!

November 12, 2016

I am very impressed by the way Najib dresses. His suits are impeccably fitted. Not too loose or wide to come across as sloppy. Just the right tension between fit and ease to come across as incredibly snappy.

The selection of materials impossible to fault. Absolutely right – they all just hit the right notes, not to loud or muted, just the right whispering rush to convey quiet confidence, authority and gravitas of a statesman.

I have observed he even has day and evening suits that he regularly changes to look Savil Row dapper.

I also like the way he matches his ties with his pocket squares or maybe it’s his better half that sees to it – my only critique about Najib is his shoes, they’re always black. They look way too serious. As if he’s going to attend a wake or something. He should absolutely try something besides black. Maybe oxblood, dark brown or burgundy complimented with a classy French patine finish to give it some age.

Told you all. A well dressed man always goes a very long way in life. Just like our resident style mentor – his royal highness the Maharaja of a thousand sartorial wonders – http://kingofdhaka.com

This merely confirms my inner most thoughts.

From today onwards I am going to confer on Najib honorary life time membership into our sartorial brotherhood.

Even dress his shoes on a brotherhood only discounted rate.


‘Have you all considered this. Why is it – Najib of Malaysia can stroll into China and come out with a big bag of goodies while all Mini Lee of Singapore seems to be able to do is get played out by Obama over the TPP – while the Chinese pelt him with rotten tomatoes over his complicity in the South China Seas.

Want to know my theory? Time again I have emphasized this to all of you in this blog about the importance of dressing well – to always be considerate and mindful of paying the highest respect others and institutions of power and most importantly to take exceptional pride in putting your best foot forward.

Some of you think it’s a joke that I keep repeating this. Looked what happened in the Ukraine when we all know who, but since we are all wearing out super polite top hats – we are never going to mention their names egged it all up wearing gunny sacks to business meetings. And they all wonder why their host asked them – are you staying in the YMCA?

My theory is very simple – Najib knows how to dress strategically – to this man his suit is not just clothes, it’s like armor – it hides his weaknesses and amplifies his strengths – this is why Najib can regularly pull rabbits out of hats with very serious world leaders. As he understands the keys to power.

While all Mini Lee seems to do EVERYTIME is come across as a tired lightweight. Please bear in mind. I am not being offensive. Rather I want to be accurate. He wore loafers to the White House when he sat down with Obama. I am not kidding the same variety that I would wear should I need to fix my four my four on a weekend and don’t want my good pairs stained with engine oil. As for his suit – it looked as if someone baked it in the hotel oven then ran over it a couple of times with a steam roller.

I ain’t kidding – he came across like someone who was just there to fix the Panasonic air condition and Obama was so kind that he offered him a lemonade after the job. You can google the pic for yourself, it’s too painful to put it up here – there was no verve, Ă©lan or style. It’s just a suit like the sort where clothes go to die in the Salvation Army shop.

Above all there is no respect. Wonder no more why the TPP is down the chute. As for the Chinese. All he would get from them is a fortune cookie that reads – Confucios say: man who dress like poop will have to deal with backlog.

Now you all know why I keep emphasizing to all of you in this blog to be impeccably dressed. EVERYTIME like Najib. If you cannot do that please make a serious effort to hitch up with a wifey like Rosmah.

Remember I genuinely desire the very best for every single one of you – it is not a sheer accident – the average brotherhood reader earns more, lives better and enjoys life when compared to Joe average – as he is a man who takes the art of manliness with utmost seriousness.

As you can all see for yourselves – it’s really the tale of two cities.

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