If you want win in life…dress impeccably!

November 14, 2016

Let me speak plainly. In life, if you are genuinely serious about making progress. Dress well. However if you want to only go around in big and small circles all the time – then dress in whatever way you wish…go lah! Just do it man! Makes absolutely no difference to me.

Only understand this! If most of us are suitably ashamed of shabby philosophies, sloppy thinking and shoddy opinions. Then by the same vein of logic – most of us will also be equally ashamed of shabby shirts shoddy pants and sloppy shoes …. Yes. I agree completely. It would indeed be a very sad situation if all of us just judged the quality of books by their covers.

Then again I do wonder why impose that sort of onus on others – to discover the inner you? Why not make it easy on their eyes and brain? Isn’t that discourteous and outright rude?

Above all dress always to give the highest respect to those who are fortunate to engage you. Dress to give the utmost veneration to institutions. But above all dress to give respect to yourself.


‘People like to slag me off. They like to sit around over coffee and cakes and laugh out loud – what do you expect, he’s autistic lah. That is why he has absolutely no social skills…..he’s a square peg marooned in a world of round holes.

But at the end of the day even these erudite lot when they return back to their averagely miserable lives have to look at themselves in the mirror and ask – how did such a man born with so many setbacks go so far in life? Why can’t I seem to do the same?

That is when reality owns them – right down to the highest strand of hair to the longest toenail….reality owns them.

There is no secret. I dress well. Impeccably well. I don’t care where I work. Could well be a factory or just a construction site as a welder – but my clothes are always clean, well pressed with two sharp lines at the front and the sleeves are like razors. My shoes even if they happen to be chunky steel cap variety are always mirror finished. Everything is the very best it can be like a spanking brand new car in the showroom.

When one is born different. One must come to accept this difference not as a curse but as a gift and be proud of it – nobody can do this for you. Your parents who love you will certainly try their best along with teachers. But only you and you alone can begin this transformational perceptive feat somewhere in the desolation of the mind – as for the world it will always scream at you…know your place….stay down….get back into your box! But I reveled in my difference and the pride I took in dressing impeccably well became my hallmark through out life.

But don’t for one moment believe just because a man is autistic you can have your way with him – remember always Mother Nature is incredibly fair – if she takes with one hand…she will give with another….secretly. She will give! As she loves you – I can do many things that ‘normal’ people can never hope to do even if they had ten life times!

I can for instance scan thru a technical manual just once in the span of time it takes to empty my bladder or look at a factory blueprint for ten seconds flat and it’s all there – not just there like the way you see it. But so there where everything stands out in three dimension where I can even walk around it and peer into darkened interiors like some probe that they send deep into the darkness of the depths.

Whenever there is pandemonium I can put my hand on a pipe and close my eyes and everyone from the factory manager right down to the sweeper would fall so silent – thereafter after a very long pause. I would tell them to go here or there and like children they would obediently go about their business only to wonder thereafter – why can’t I do the things he can do? Life is not fair. Or take a Virginia tobacco leaf from a pile, bring it to my nostrils and tell them it’s entire life history from the time it planted to how it weathered the wanton storms and nearly died only to regain it’s strength in spring to make it thru by the narrowest margins on those cold frosty mornings to make it all the way finally here – thereafter I would just walk away.

No one ever disturbed me when I was a salaried man – no one dared – they all left me alone…..and that was how I was able to fit in as best as I could in YOUR world! You see it’s really quite simple in a crisis when everyone is running around like headless chickens – the man who can solve problems like a magician is king, you will be surprised how much others around you are prepared to overlook and turn a blind eye – because they know…..they know, mystery is furiously at work.

When insecure people at work tried to gang up and ostracize me – all I had to do was clam up. Yes, that’s all it took to remind them how feeble and weak they were…that was all it really took to put them in their place with their eyes lowered like shy virgins – that was really all that was needed to heighten their terror. Nothing else was required except maybe faking a few days off at work with a MC or pretending that it was a very complicated problem that required more time to figure out and again I would disappear find a quiet corner in the factory spread out a crisp card board and simply sleep. They caught me many times sleeping in the CCTV – but no action was ever taken. Once I even wore dark glasses to work so that nobody could tell whether I was awake or dozing off.

Eventually when I grew bored of being a salary man – I decided to farm. Again I many people tried to shout me down….and for a while maybe they probably succeeded…as I did stay down for a while.

One day while driving the endless labyrinth of the plantation roads – I came across an old house. An auction was going on just outside the verandah – they all seemed to bidding for stuff. I bought all the furniture.

One of the items was a huge trunk, that contained a – a pith helmet, bushjacket, a pair of brouges, square rimmed sunglasses, briar pipe and a silk scarf.

I tried it – it fitted like a glove. Latter on I discovered it all belonged to a great planter who lived in a bygone age…they called him the devil as even when the communist emptied seven shells into him – he could not die. That was all I could ever find out.

I was impeccably dressed in this outfit for every function I attended – one evening a group of old men beckoned me. When I stood before them. They all exchanged nods of approval with each other murmuring – he is respectful….he values tradition…he is one of us…. Another pointed to a knot of men in the balcony – not like those riff raff’s who go around in sissy pink suits. As for their wife’s, they are effrontery to our way of life…look. They look like ten dollar prostitutes….One of them who was dressed in an attire similar to the one I always wore grabbed me by the hand and whispered, ‘you are back. We thought those bastards killed you! But you are really back. How is it possible that time has hardly touched you….come sit with us.’ I sat amongst these serious men thereafter most of time – hardly ever speaking. As that is my nature. When one is autistic socializing can indeed be a burden. One day I was asked by these old men – how would the year unfold – I merely told them, the birds are very restless…we must prepare for the worst….they know something we humans don’t – the birds are never wrong.

That year those who took my advice serious and prepared for the very worst made it through the proverbial eye of the needle – those who laughed and called me a charlatan, Rasputin reincarnate and questioned no end my credibility – all licked their wound terribly. Many foreclosed. It was a darkest of years – Mother Nature had curled her fingers and her nails were sharp as razors that year.

Soon the man who always wore a stern bushjacket, square rimmed dark glasses and nursed a briar pipe became me or I became him.

I can’t really say. But one thing is clear to all – I am certainly, the great planter of lore – the man of all seasons.

Always dress impeccably to pay respect to others and institutions and most importantly yourself.’

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