The wisdom of keeping a low profile

November 15, 2016

Yesterday a group of men were gawking at me across the village kopitiam (coffee shop). Although I was across the road fixing my car. I could just about make out the flow of their conversation. One of them exclaimed, he is the one who bought the new land to the East. Another commented, how is that possible…look at him…are you sure – that donkey has a hard life. He has no wife. That is why he is always dressed in khaki only. As it hides the dirt. They laughed. Yet another added, he looks like a lowly soldier who is forgotten in somewhere in the Great Wall…there must be mistake….I don’t think he is the one who bought the land to the east.

I am very happy.


‘Deep down many people genuinely desire to keep a low profile – they simply don’t know how to. Some people who may seem sincere in beginning end up surfacing a few months later and once again they become known to all.

This is because when one is showered with attention and especially adulation – it is a like a narcotic that man usually finds impossible to resist.

The feeling that comes from others giving him the limelight and putting him on a stage can often go to his head faster than a double shot of alcohol – soon this person becomes so high profile – he ends up attracting the jealousy of others…they will find fault with him endlessly and this is how man’s life usually becomes unnecessarily complicated.

Experience informs very reliably many business men have been destroyed or will end up in the path of self destruction when they fail to master the art of keeping a low profile.

To cultivate a low profile. Do the following.

(1) Always carry a book with you in public. This way others will usually have the courtesy to leave you alone.

(2) Always be mission orientated. If you step into a coffee shop, get that coffee and move on. Never loiter or sit around. This always attracts unwanted attention.

(3) Dress impeccably well, this does not mean you wear all sorts of expensive and dazzling clothes – it just means your clothes should be clean, well pressed and presentable.

(4) Drive a beat up car with many things at the back – this is the most effective way to convey to everyone that you have not arrived yet. As when they see clothes, pillows, blankets and tin food arranged at your backseat – they will exclaim – aiyoh this fellow is so down and out – he lives in his car!

(5) Cultivate the exceptionally good habit of returning home before seven and try never to socialize at night – as usually nocturnal social encounters invariably involve alcohol and soon peculiar women will follow in their wake and the next thing that is likely to happen is you will find yourself embroiled in a full blown scandal.

Staying indoors I have found is the most simple and effective way to save money and stay out of trouble. EVERYTIME I break this rule – I take a fall!

(6) Learn how to cook. This will reinforce habit (5) – if you have to go out searching for food like a vampire all the time. It is impossible to keep to the discipline of staying at home after seven. If you try to do so – you will just end up getting gastric.

(7) Avoid crowds – as they tend to gossip and talk nonsense – and there is a possibility you will let the cat out the bag. Be very sparing and stingy of your time with others, you will find that if you are always circulating like a social butterfly – familiarity can only breed contempt.

(8) Spend your money discreetly and quietly and never indulge publicly in expensive hobbies such as clubbing and eating out in fancy restaurants – as not only will you end up with cancer of the wallet but it will certainly attract unwanted attention from others.

(9) Be very sparing with your words. Limit it to two sentences, one is even better and remember be mission focussed – never loiter or sit around. Give people the impression that you always have work to do even if you don’t – this way people will pity you as they will say – look how miserable his life is…it’s all work, work and just work.

(10) Try to avoid been seen with women in public – if that is unavoidable always keep a respectable distance by not standing too close or appearing to be to intimate with them.

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