Solitary Confinement of Bersih activist

November 21, 2016

As much as I would like to support Najib & Co – it is not possible for me to do so on this occasion. As from what I am able to gather the law is not used in the right way to detain Madam Maria Chin.

This is after a law that is specifically crafted to deal with terrorist and the threat of terrorism – this should prompt most sane and reasonable people to ask under what conditions is it justifiable to interpret the law in such a way where it can be used against an activist? There is something very wrong here – the fit is not right!

The Malaysian Home minister should really look into this legal anomaly because Najib advisors all seem to be switched off…they don’t seem to be making the right calculations to enable them to produce the desired results – as if this continues, it can only cause irreparable damage to the public image of the sartorial splendid Najib.

By the end of 28 days I can almost guarantee without the slightest deviation – the public image of Najib in the eyes of most Malaysians would be damaged beyond economic repair…habis lah!

Instead of wining the hearts and minds war with intelligent chess moves, this will just heighten the state of anger and despair in most reasonable and peace loving Malaysians.

Please understand. Many important and influential people regularly read my blog – if I don’t say something against this, they will all think I am brain damaged.

That is no good.

Please put yourself in my position – we have been around for a long long time…many have come and gone….but we stay. We always been in the background. We have been there. When many of readers got their first jobs…married…had their first child…bought their first house and car…started their businesses. We have been there….and the only reason why they continue to come here is because they know, we are always very accurate….very true to the principles that we considered sacred.

My hope is Madam Maria Chin will be reunited with her family and friends as soon as possible.

I for one will find it very difficult to sleep soundly till Madam Maria Chin is released. As while I have a bed and blanket and my teddy bear to pack me off to snoozeland every night….but when I imagine all that the poor auntie has is a plank…sleep can only come with great difficulty. To exacerbate matters I have so much to do in the plantation everyday. I don’t work in the office. My job is very physical, so my heart is very disturbed.

My hope is Madam Maria Chin is released. I for one would personally consider this a great favor.


‘Solitary confinement is really no joke. It’s like interrogation – stupid people will tell you they can hold out indefinitely. But that is only because they do not realize this is psychological warfare at it’s highest level. Truth is just as no one can hold out against interrogation…it’s impossible not to crack under solitary confinement. To me the question is not whether. Rather it is when will the person subjected to this form of inhuman torture break down mentally, physically and spiritually.

That is why while I can fully appreciate why this method of mind manipulation should only be used on terrorist who present a clear and present threat to peace and life. It’s a hardly causual tool of punishment. It is not. Anyone who tells you different is just stupid. They should go and experience solitary confinement.

As since the activities of terrorist represent a clear and present threat to society – it justifies this mode of torture even then it should be used as a last resort option….but to use it on an activist is like using atomic weapons to control pest. It is not only highest form of stupidity. But it is nothing short of cutting one’s nose off to spite another.

Use your mentality! This is a bloody dead end!’

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