Behind a smile

December 5, 2016

Behind every smile..there is always a tinge of sadness.


Not very long ago. I paid a visit to the most lonely man in the village. He lives in a house located deep in the plantation. Except for a few dogs, it seems he goes about his business all by himself – when he saw me. The lonely man smiled and soon we were sat beneath a tree sipping tea.

Mid way during the conversation – I asked the lonely man whether he might like to join me for dinner the next week. He seemed hesitant in the beginning, so I did not press further.

As I was preparing to take my leave. The lonely man stood beside his gate looking at me. Suddenly he asked, why do you want to invite me for dinner?

I turned back and said to him – whatever that has happened in the past, let it all go. Do not the let the bad experiences with others fill your heart with poison – please believe me when I say this. You were not born in this world to nourish human suffering. Please remember this always.

The lonely man murmured, you see deep into my heart*

I merely patted him on the shoulder and replied, yes…I know this road well.

* Never allow the bad experiences with others to color your opinion of those who may come into your life later – Never. A woman who has suffered with a callous lover in the past will always see the man who once played with her heart in the men who will come after him. Such a person is often haunted by ghost from the past. She will live in the past or future but never in the where it’s most needful – in now.

In the same when a person has suffered in the past. He or she too will carry the shadow of pain, resentment and regret….let it all go!

Take a chance on life!

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