Learning to live with peace with the Brexit Generation

December 5, 2016

Recently I overheard a group of landowners lamenting how the world of late had turned suddenly top turvy. When one of them asked for my opinion – I merely told them, not suddenly…the signs were all there as far back as ten years ago. But no one wanted listen and see.

Now all there is left is to reap the whirlwind.


‘For many of you who regularly read my blog – Brexit and Trump will not come as a surprising shock. So question is not really how to live with peace with the Brexit generation. Rather it is simply this – how can one continue to gainfully make progress in this new economic environment where the world is increasingly divided between the have’s and the have not’s, ignorant and informed, smart and stupid.

The good news is? This day of reckoning has always been in the cards for most of us – understand this! This is not a passing fad – it is a new dawn and it is likely to father momentum and it’s truly here to stay whether we like it or not.

However on the bright side. In my estimation we are at least ten years ahead of the curve. That is to say we have laid a very strong foundation to ride out this new order of irrationality.

While many may still either be sleep walking or in terminal denial. Many on the other hand have taken my advise and started their own enterprises and even spread their wings to far flung places around the world to better prepare themselves to meet the challenges of this new economic world order.

Personally it’s very fulfilling for me to bear witness to so many who have been empowered with this insight – we are truly to living in interesting times.

We will win!

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