New Food, New Mind & New Hope

December 6, 2016


This is the future for food. For years I had only dreamt of being able to grow iceberg lettuce in the inhospitable desert. Many experiments and so many failures – finally a happy formulae was hatched that found a balance between the right growing conditions and an effective price.


‘No one cares for Mother Nature. Not enough at least to pull the brakes on how businesses are barreling full speed to destroy her in the name of the profit motive. I reckon under Trump, she (mother nature) is going to get round after round of merciless battering. You know why? He doesn’t care either…coming to think of it. Even the people who are supposed to care – don’t care. All they seem to ever do is talk, talk and talk.

But I care. And most importantly I know every wound in mother natures body like her GP. I am very close to the ground – so incredibly close that I can even feel every ripple and swell that planet earth has to bear because of man’s avarice and wanton disregard for the long term well being of the planet.

El Niño is probably a word to you. A distant place like perhaps ‘Siberia’ or ‘Timbuktu’. But to me it’s a battlefield where I am like one of those infantry man trying to get by with card board tasting food and lack of sleep – in the trenches, I see the ravages of mankind in every leaf right down to the severed roots when the ground gets so hot it cracks like a over boiled egg – there are times when I say to myself – wtf is happening?…am I the only sane person on this whole planet to see where all this is going to end up…it doesn’t have to be like this…why can’t people just sit down and think thru what’s happening all around them? Why don’t they care enough to stop their mindless consumption?

But it’s pointless to appeal to the sympathy and sagacity of others, especially when they don’t give two hoots – so I work. I work hard to grow stuff even if all the weather seems to do is throw out one curve ball after another – I work furiously to create a sliver of Eden in a testube – a place where things can grow like how it’s supposed too. Iceberg lettuce I realize may not be able to save people and planet that at least is how so many see my life’s mission – they shout at me – go back to your little hole! Why can’t you just clean toilets like a good autistic boy!….but I know deep in the marrow of my bones – this a start in the right direction.

In the future when mankind has all but destroyed this planet with his psychopathic narco 24/7 chase the buck at every turn and opportunity attitude – and nothing, not even a blade of grass can grow without screaming for the right to just exist without fire and brimstones raining down from an angry sky.

Everything will be grown the way we grow iceberg lettuce in refurbished air conditioned ambient shipping containers with farmers kitted in astronaut suits – everything from fish, poultry to high yielding bonsai oil palms.

This is the only way to save mankind from himself.

At the rate mankind is destroying our one and only space ship – earth. I have absolutely no doubt, one day all the food we consume will have to be grown this way.’

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