To be well liked?

December 7, 2016

To me it is not important whether people like me or not. Of course I like very much to be liked. That is always one of my goals in human interaction. But if all this has to come at an unreasonable or heavy price that requires me to do things that I don’t feel is right – then I have absolutely no hang up’s in regarding being liked as optional. After all it’s very easy for me – for one I much prefer the company of animals to humans. Secondly, I am by nature quite a homely guy who rarely ever ventures out after sun down and thirdly, I much prefer my own company than mixing around.

Having said all that, even if others don’t like you – it is absolutely jugular they respect you!


‘Not very long ago. A group of oil palm millers got together to fix the selling price – when they offered me this lousy price for my fruit…I responded by selling my fruit to millers elsewhere. A few weeks thereafter when we met again. One of them got so irritated by my refusal to sell them my fruit that he shouted out, ‘why are you always so difficult?’

I told this person to sit down before he falls down – thereafter I told him and the others in a calm and slow voice, ‘I don’t mean to be difficult.’ That was when another stood up and said, ‘if you are not difficult. Then why do you always seem to be difficult all the time?’

I merely thanked them all – by commenting, that is a most interesting observation. Thereafter I put the matter across firmly – now I would appreciate it, if we can move away from personal issues and focus on business.’

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