On Courage

December 8, 2016

Courage is not about being fearless. Neither is it about the nonsensical business of overcoming one’s fear. If anything…it is simply a state of mind where one accepts it’s perfectly natural and part and parcel of the human condition to fear and even be afraid.

By just accepting this with the spirit of abiding calmness honestly without bravado – one permits fear itself to canal thru one’s mind and watching it come out the other side as it passes only to disappear from sight.


‘Sometime back ago a group of landowners ganged up and gave me an ultimatum – join us or perish. I told them all very calmly and politely, please reconsider…as if you give me no road to walk except this road…it can only lead to war. One of them asked mockingly, there are so many of us and only one of you….surely you will lose if you choose the road to war. I told him and the others, this time in a heavy and grave tone – I realize that may very well be the case, but I want to be very clear. Even if there is absolutely no possibility of a decisive victory. I am prepared to settle for the second best option. That was when another landowner asked me – what might that be. To which I replied – taking as many of you with me to the hottest place in hell.

That was when they all backed off.’

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