The Importance of Respect

December 8, 2016

Not so long ago. A group of businessmen approached me concerning a land deal. They planned to form a consortium to gobble up land by putting pressure on a widow who had just buried her husband. When one of them asked another – how sure are you she will sell? The other replied, she is an uneducated woman. She is after all just a woman…women cannot defend the land without a man…her husband has just passed away, she’s at her weakest. She will definitely sell….we will get a good price below market rate.

Since I remained quiet thru out this exchange – eventually, some of them turned to me to seek my views. I merely mentioned, the widow has a seventeen year old son studying in Singapore….if you people disrespect her and the memory of her late husband…one day her son will certainly return and give you all and your wife’s and children the same bitter medicine to drink.

I went on to add should that day come to past – not only will I not lift a finger to stop them. But I may even consider helping them. Since this is a very rare business opportunity.

When some of this heard this, they started shouting me down again – ‘why do you have to be different all the time…why are you always the odd one out? Don’t you ever get bored or uncomfortable for being so different that everyone even thinks you are crazy?…why are you such a difficult person?’


‘If you think long and hard. All human misunderstandings really only occur because people fail to give respect to what others consider worthwhile, important and valuable. That is the long and short of it. That is all there is to it…there is no mystery there.

It doesn’t matter what it is – could well be the super duper complications of what is currently unfolding in the South China Seas. Or why two people seem to be trading balls of fires in the internet.

The bulk of human conflict invariably boils down to only this – an abject failure on one side to give due respect.

This is the seed of all wars.

Be always mindful of your words, thoughts and deeds.’

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