If you find it difficult to respect

December 9, 2016

To gainfully hold on to your beliefs and what you consider to be worthy and valuable, it is unnecessary to be disrespectful to others. If you go all out of your way to show disrespect to others simply because you believe that is what makes you happy and secure. All it demonstrates is how shaky your position really is along with your level of immaturity.

Whenever you find it difficult for any reason to show respect – keep a very low profile. Better still learn the art of disappearing – after all, out of sight…out of mind.

However where social interaction cannot be reasonably avoided. Be discriminate and sparing with your public appearances and try to avoid social functions. If you have to go – only make a token appearance and disappear promptly. Never overstay your welcome and don’t make a scene.


‘A superior person does not need to put anyone down just to feel bigger, better or wiser. That is because he derives self respect not from others. Rather it’s drawn within him.

An inferior person however only really cares about the superficiality of appearances and how he comes across to others – that is why ‘face’ is so important to this person. As since so much of his self worth is invested outside himself in the external word – what others may think and how they might regard him is often more important than how he sees himself.

This person is always like an actor or actress – nothing is ever real to him or her.

While for the real person – how others may see or regard him is the least important thing in this world.

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