The farmer versus the real estate tycoon

December 9, 2016

China and US relations seems to have started off on a bumpy ride. From the looks of it – both superpowers are headed towards an epic clash on virtually every level of understanding ranging from how trade should be conducted to whose rules they should both play by.

At the center of this perfect storm stands two personalities who are world’s apart – Donald Trump is a very successful wheeler and dealer cum reality TV star. Not only does he know about the art of the deal, he wrote it. Mr Trump is adept at seizing opportunities and maximizing on advantage. He seems to come across as a thin skinned person who has a habit of taking jibes personally. He is intemperate, brash and knows how to work the crowds to his advantage. A real show master.

Vice President Xi Jinping however has a rather uneventful and boring repertoire – he is an agricultural scholar. To put it another way – he is a farmer. Many things can be said about the attitude of farmer that is because the politics and power of the land is often climatic and imposes a sort of thinking on those who work the land. On the good side, farmers are very consistent and steady – they rarely ever get excitable unlike city folk. That is because the land is very climatic and it’s bound to impose it’s doctrine on the farmer.

On the downside. Farmers aren’t exactly the most intelligent people in this world. That could account for why no farmer has ever bagged the Nobel Price. They tend to be super conservative and see the world as a serious of repetitions where every crop has cycles.

Farmers are also quite dumb as well. In a cute sort of way at least – they tend to be slightly shy, reserve and quiet – that is because often they work mostly alone.

But the greatest difference between a city slicker like Trump and a farmer like Xi is how each views the idea of organizational and personal success – to a wheeler and dealer like Trump everything under the sky is open to negotiations. But to a farmer some things will never be open to negotiations.

It is this defining difference between Trump and Xi that sets both great man inexorably on a collision course….that only one can win.


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