Nice Day, Truth and Dam Lies

December 10, 2016

One should always be careful when it comes to talking with strangers.


‘Not so long ago. A lady told me in an imperial tone – mini lee proclaimed that we should all be mindful of lies from abroad. I told her, there are already so many foreigners in Singapore. Maybe what he really meant was, we should all be more mindful of what is internally generated.

Upon hearing this, the woman exclaimed, no, no, no and even insinuated that I was trying to bend her mind. While looking at me suspiciously she went on tell me quite forcefully, what is domestically produced is quite kosher and as close to the truth as humanly possible. I then asked her, if that is the case why is the nation destroying press ranked alongside the Pong Pyang Morning Post? She kept quiet for a moment, then as if struck by a moment of epiphany she exclaimed – I am sure that is a post truth opinion!

Slowly I could see she was not so sure any longer. Eventually this woman fell silent and at one point she even asked me – did he really say we should be more mindful of lies generated within the country? I merely smiled and wished her good day.



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