Only two types of people when the Recession hits Singaporeans hard

December 10, 2016

The first category of people will blame, blame and blame the government. These people will complain day and night. But these conceited people will also be the very one’s who will never see the merit of ever stepping outside their comfort zone. Not even if it means they stand a good chance of improving their lot.

The other category of people will never indulge in this great diffusion of meaningless energy by ascribing time to blame anyone least of all government….they will assume full and complete responsibility for their destiny, simply because by regularly reading this blog. They have through the years been subtlety brainwashed to believe in one indestructible truth – the idea of government has and will always been highly optional to their well being along with provisioning the aperture for opportunities.

Besides these people know only too well. Given the complexity of global trade and commerce all the levers to power in government these days are probably connected absolutely to nothing! They can bluff other people, but they can never pull the wool over my eyes – I know exactly what the valence between government and bettering one’s lot really is. I see this equation prosaically without the slightest trace of aberration, very accurately and succinctly.

These people will never complain…why should they, it’s a travesty of waste – besides, it is against the credo of brotherhood to complain, complain and complain.

Instead they will put all their waking hours to improving their lot. This is what real men do…they don’t whine like kids.

I want every man to remember this!



‘People who don’t know me or my philosophy very well. Often label me as anti establishment. But I always ask of these people how is it possible for me to be anti establishment when I don’t even regard the idea of government as necessary or important to improving lives? Coming to think of it how is it even possible to be anti establishment when you consider if things take a wrong turn and even if I am forced to cook my cat just to fill my stomach…I don’t even see the need to turn to the idea of government, because I know all they can do is give a thousand excuses why they are not in a position to help – now how can a person who has such a low appraisal of the functional utility of the idea of government possibly be anti establishment?

I don’t understand.

The people who in my opinion are truly anti establishment are those who like to take the idea of government too seriously by pushing that idea where it should go too in the first place – these are the fanatics who actually suffer from the delusion – without good governance it is not possible to succeed in life.

Not realizing when they magnify the importance of the role of government to such a ridiculous scale and extent – what they are actually doing is buying into a sort of delectable delusion. That is why wars start. Because these people are like sheep and often they listen to government without ever interrogating whether it is true or false – these are also the same category people who can very easily be manipulated. But above all, they are the true unalloyed adherents of the anti establishment order. As since they never once saw fit to ever organize every aspect of the life WITHOUT the inclusion of government – they cannot possibly assume even a modicum of responsibility for their lives, so they are anti establishment. All they can really do is leave it all to the grubby hands of the government. And we all know what happens when government grows too big and powerful.

To me it is very simple. If for any reason I find government is harassing me or I find working life to be impossible under a regime. I will just sell off everything and pack up and disappear elsewhere like a traveling circus. I will take my chances in the Ukraine or perhaps even North Korea, it’s all the same to me.

Besides in those countries. The vast majority of people happen to be sane and very level headed. Many consider farming to be a noble profession – I have been invited many many times to visit North Korea.

In my understanding of the perfect world order – governments should have a footprint no larger than the size of a postage stamp. They should not make too much noise – so how can I possibly be anti establishment. On the contrary, since I preach terminal ambivalence to ALL forms of government intervention to improve lives – by inference I also preach the highest form of self sufficiency along with promoting rugged individualism as the gold standard of social mobility. In any other sane country, I would probably be knighted or conferred honors for my sterling contribution to both people and planet….so again please…how can I possibly be anti establishment, when I don’t even believe government in any shape or form is powerless to improve lives?’

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