Why is it Singaporeans don’t even seem to sympathize with Mini Lee on impounded Terrex?

December 10, 2016

The mini skirt answer in IMHO is – most Singaporeans don’t see what the Chinese did as wrong. After all what was done in Hong Kong differs very slightly from how the PAP has ALWAYS treated it’s detractors.

There are really so many cases ranging from pressurizing bloggers to apologize to withdrawing post to even losing their livelihoods without even bothering with the courtesy of supplying a believable explanation.

That is why the PAP gets so little from even Singaporeans – most will likely say, ‘what goes around comes around.’


‘Not long ago a nosey Parker in the net asked me whether I wanted to put my name to condemn the Chinese government for impounding Singapore’s armored personnel carriers. I said no. When that person asked me why not – I just told her, I am under no obligation to share with you why I refused to condemn this case.

She then asked me in quite an angry tone – does that mean you support the actions of the Chinese government.

Again I told her, I am under no obligation to share with you that either.

She was very angry I imagine.’

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