Recession…What Recession?

December 11, 2016

These days everyone seems to be very nervous not only about Trump. But of sharper concern is the looming economic slow down that is slowly creeping into their lives – these ordinary folk can sense and even feel….and it frightens and paralyses them with fear like a trembling rabbit before a cobra.

These days whenever I go about my business many traders and businessmen seem to be so anxious that they drop everything upon seeing me only to jostle amongst themselves – just to hear me speak, mothers grab my hand and ask pleadingly, how will we survive?

In pressing times like this, I can no longer hide like some hermit deep in the jungle. I am forced to put on my superman bush jacket attire and dark glasses and appear virtually everywhere reassuring every category of the population.

In the kampung since time in immemorial – the mere sight of the man in a bushjacket lowers high blood pressure, calms frayed nerves and banishes anxiety. It can cure everything from irritable bowel syndrome to insomnia. As it’s very sight speaks of stability, order and symmetry.

Everyone from the community of seafaring fishermen who these days are forced to sail further just for chance to petty traders who complain relentlessly about the rising cost of living.

Usually when these simple folk ask me pleadingly, what will happen great landowner. I tell them in a clear voice like a bell – we will win!

Usually that is all it takes. Nothing more beyond this is required. In fact I suspect anything more would simply break the magic spell. Usually they look at me dumb struck momentarily. Then as if sensing something that they rather keep to themselves for fear of appearing stupid. They smile only to return back with increase vigor and joy to what they were doing.

Since I am autistic – this all comes very naturally to me. I seem to able to rise above the thick fog of pessimism and radiate nothing except pure confidence.

Autism it seems has it’s uses after all.



‘No matter the difficulty of the circumstances, no matter how dangerous the situation, at the heart of each crisis lies a tremendous and rare opportunity to even be greater and stronger.

I know this well. Not just as some cheap cliche. As I started my business smack in the middle of the last recession when the ground was so parched that nothing could ever grow. Not even a cactus. But even then when hope itself seemed incapable of growing into anything meaningful – I remembered saying to myself,

Great Blessings lie ahead for the one who knows the secret of finding opportunity within each crisis.

Through the passage of my accidental life. I have learned, that the power of positive association is so much stronger than any form of negativity that one or others may conjure. No matter how dark it is, a tiny beam of light is all it takes to kill the darkest of darkness.

We will win!’

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