Ten proven brotherhood tips on how to survive an economic meltdown

December 11, 2016

This is a consolidation of life hacks on how to thrive in an economic downturn from two of my e-book best sellers, How to succeed in business like a Mossad secret agent and The Way of the Farmers. Todate both publications have sold over 2,500,000 copies.

(1) Learn to live a simple life.

This is the most important life hack – as it sets the correct attitude and grounding to allow you to move on to the rest. Only remember without complete mastery of this section. The rest is useless as there is no place to fix them – this section is so important that for any reason you can’t upload it in your head. Then I would highly recommend you to stop reading now and move on to the online Pokemon site.

Still here? OK….

The cultivation of the simple life is based on many of my personal philosophies which many of my regular readers already know as The Way of the Farmer – at it’s core is the idea modern man is a perpetually distracted, restless and self destructive creature.

Hence the unthinking man knows no better – he is programmed by society to always seek happiness and fulfillment through the mindless act of continuous consumption. This is because marketeers have successfully brainwashed him to serve their specious needs – hence the unthinking being can only buy into the great lie, all his deficits and lack can eradicated if only he is prepared to buy, buy and buy.

That incidentally also accounts for why modern man is perpetually in debt, has no savings to speak of whatsoever and always restless and unfulfilled. He lives day by day. Only for the thrill of the moment. But deep inside, he’s an empty and hungry soul.

Thru the life long cultivating of a simple life – the reincarnated person is able to find REAL contentment and fulfillment by continuously seeking out new experiences that do not involve the mindlessness of perpetual consumption.

Since this new person is grounded in reality and not constantly subject to the gravity of the marketing manifesto – this person is able to differentiate between lies from truth. His or her ability to just do this alone on a constant basis, is the one defining feature that allows him or her to truly appreciate the simple life.

(2) Get a very firm hold on your ego

If people disrespect or don’t treat you fairly. Never take it personally – Never! If you do not exercise mindfulness over your ego. You will certainly fall into a mind trap of taking slights personally. When you do this – that automatically demands you to be invested in ALL the nonsense of the world.

Once you are in the tornado of the nonsense…it is the end.

As instead of spending your money wisely to accomplish your life mission. You will end diffusing all your time, energy and resources – buying useless things like a new car, branded clothes or going on expensive holidays just to impress stupid people who you hardly know or want to ever get know better should you be unfortunate to get to know them further.

Learn to be emotionally independent and self sufficient – never fall into the mind trap of seeking the approval, validation and respect of others like an insecure child.

Move away from emotional dependency to being a sustainable person.

As what you think and believe of yourself will I assure you be always more important than what others may think and believe of you.


(3) Do not be clingy, learn to be comfortable alone.

This hardly requires any elaboration. Friends are of course very important in one’s life. Only always be mindful to keep the concept of friendship in the correct scale and perspective to always enhance your well being and quality of life.

As at times by just marinating oneself socially – there is a real danger one can be swept away only to end up doing really stupid things like indulging in self destructive and cancer of the wallet competition just to keep up with one’s peers. This social trap is very common with people who have not mastered concept (1) and (2).

Since they don’t have a solid grounding on WHY? It is only natural for them to swept away by others – if their friends go on holiday…they too must go. If their friends spend money they don’t have…they too can only follow.

This underscores the importance of p the art of how to be alone. As this mental disciplining will clarify your goals continuously without being unduly influenced by peer pressure – learn to do things alone. Learn even to enjoy your own company. Go out all by yourself for dinner. Go watch a movie all by yourself – strive always to be comfortable in your own skin.

This is the most natural state for any person to be in – loneliness. Never fear it!

When you master this aspect of life – you will find that your life needs will begin to settle down to only what YOU and not what others can reliably supply to keep you mentally, emotionally and spiritually in top form.

(4) Learn to cook and cultivate pride in being able to feed yourself and others.

Learning to cook is not just an important life skill. To me it is perhaps the clearest expression of your will power to live your life under your own terms – on the plus side, it is also the most reliable way for one economize – as firstly you don’t have to behave like a vampire all the time and constantly go out just to fill your tank.

Being able to cook for yourself – is the highest form of independence. As when you are able to cook for yourself and others – you will take control over your life and be able to develop the confidence to live your life under YOUR own terms rather than having to rely or to depend on others.

These life habits are incredibly edifying as they serve to reaffirm – you are self sufficient and sustainable person and perfectly comfortable being alone – this can only reinforce your attitude and belief that you can do anything.

I am toying around with the idea of buying a magic or thermal cooker. I will post my recipes online to share with many of my readers.

(5) Learn to eat only one meal a day, it will keep your sharp and alert.

In the morning two cups of very strong coffee. Two pieces of bread. In between I munch on absolutely nothing. And I don’t eat till eight in the evening.

Man I have discovered thru my in depth research is the only animal that eats four or more times a day. Some people even eat continuously since they stock up on snacks in the office pantry.

Eating continuously will only transform your mind and body into your worse enemy – as the elemental eating habits of all predators is to only eat once and infrequently. This is because food does not always present itself in the wild all the time. And even if it is available, the right conditions to consume it may not present itself. Hence all predators only eat ONCE and usually it is a very big meal that last for days!

By deliberately engineering a state of stress on all your bodily functions – you will be able to leverage on the super powers of Mother Nature to be more alert, energetic and focused.

It is this physical instability that will compel your brain to function at it’s best in the discomfort zone.

On the plus side. Since you don’t ever eat during the day time – you will automatically find you will have more time, money and opportunity to accomplish your life mission.

When I was a salaried man back in Singapore. I found this life skill to be invaluable – as most of my best work was accomplished when everyone was out for lunch.

This discipline is especially important for autistic people.

(6) Mind your own business.

Never indulge in gossip or poke your nose into other people’s affairs. If you find yourself in the company of such people – avoid them at every turn and opportunity – as this is the single most time wasting habit.

As not only does it add zero to your life. But this corrosive habit also consumes the best part of your brain power and bandwidth, it’s a useless distraction that is likely to lead you astray from accomplishing your life mission.

Staying focussed requires nothing short of iron discipline and cerebral fitness – remember your capacity to process information reliably is finite. So don’t fill your brain with garbage. Keep it all relevant.

When you abide by this discipline – you will find quite naturally much to your own surprise, you will end up being a man of very few words. This is key, as this attitude will allow you to strike like a screaming eagle when opportunity presents itself in an economic environment of scarcity.

While all others are distracted and diffusing their all energy on worthless pursuits such as chasing ghost and imaginary pots of gold at the end of the rainbow – your mission is always crystal.

(7) Be mindful of women.

When you are rich it is very natural for women to be attracted to you – this is how lower life forms are programmed. I don’t mean to come across as insulting, but it’s an anthropological fact. Since women are generally lousy hunters. All they can really hope to do is find a surrogate host like a parasite.

This reality must always be like a neon lit bill board whenever you encounter a woman.

Keep women always at a respectful arms lengths – do not simply allow them into the inner parameter of being – be suspicious of their intent always. Where possible interrogate discreetly to ferret out their motives. As your business rivals could be setting you up for a scandalous fall or using women to distract you from your goal.

I have seen many businessmen fall from grace because they don’t seem to understand the seriousness of this discipline – only to end up getting embroiled with all sort of dangerous entanglements.

Generally I find there is no place for a woman in the frontier way of life – they are a liability for so many reasons. Firstly, they are not emotionally resilient nor stable, so they’re really no better than emotional vampires…taking, taking and taking all the time. To make things worse if you are dumb enough to get sucked into their world – you will find that you’re always mysteriously poor, never ever having enough time to complete your daily or weekly task and even if it’s done there will always be quality issues.

I don’t want to incriminate myself further on this subject – bad idea. Don’t ever go near them – if you crave deep spirited fellowship. Go to the RSPCA dog pound. There are many low maintenance friends there.

(8) Trust no one, not even yourself…better still be paranoid.

A fool and his money will part. This is a very reliable truism – and one aspect of this usually involves being too trusting of others. ALWAYS be suspicious. Better still will yourself into a state of paranoia. Never take anything at face value, ALWAYS drill deep to get only first account accurate and timely intelligence. Deploy spies to find out what they other side is planning. From time to time spread disinformation. Broadcast mixed messages to sow confusion amongst your enemies. Never ever be a open book. Never!

Keep your plans like poker cards masked.

All warfare is based on deception.

Above all trust no one….not even yourself. When you are excited about a deal – it’s best to leave it for a few days on the KIV tray even if there is a danger others may beat you to the deal of the century. Do not be rash. Never make a decision under the pressure of clock. Always strive to be calm and composed like an assassin.

Only when ALL the conditions are met do you strike in business. Even then always remember you must have surprise on your side. As no decisive victory can be secured without surprise – be ruthless.

(9) Familiarize yourself with the Law. Be just and fair…but be stern.

Study the law especially jurisprudence – develop a personal code of justice, where if others double cross you, deal with them sternly but ALWAYS be just.

Your goal should ONLY be to convey to others what you are prepared to accept and say no too – not to destroy them. Always leave a way for them to come back as either friends or business partners.

Never allow others to take advantage of you…no matter how small the trespass – should they do so, punish them and those who are regularly associated with them as well – make it so clear and shocking that everyone in the village knows like so – this is what happens to you and your clan when you steal from my lands! This is what happens to people who double cross me!

Do this again and again. After a while you will find many people will fall suitably in line.

Only remember many people will hate you. But fortunately in business that is not important – the most important thing is everyone knows without a shadow of doubt what you say, you can do! What you promise, you will deliver on time and according to spec!

That is the only thing of value in business – anything else is the purest form of nonsense. As money does not smell!

Keep to this discipline diligently. Never cheat others. As it will always come back! Honor your word – it must be like a promisory note from the Bank of England. Always be a gentleman even when you deal with thieves. This is key in business. As when you have people who think they can simply take a bite out of you without incurring real penalties or loss. Then you will be constantly harassed.

Being clear and concise on the otherhand sends out a very clear message what you are prepared to accept and not – this will simplify your life immeasurably.

(10) Good Judgement – never reinforce failure

Impeachable judgement is not always possible. Not all the time at least. There are times when I read it right in the beginning only for it to go all wrong – this has happened plenty of times. But when that happens it’s vitally important for one to be able to cut losses in a flash. Rather than reinforcing failure.

Easier said that done.

One reason why many people including myself may have difficulties making a good call has a lot to do with emotional investment.

As even I experience great pain at times when it comes to cutting losses. That’s only natural. As since so much time, effort and love has been invested, it’s seems natural and even right to put in more to make it work. But experience informs me, it’s best not to allow emotion cloud one’s judgement.

Stick only to the cold and brutal facts when it comes to decision making. All other considerations are irrelevant.

Be like a cold calculating machine.

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