Being honest with yourself

December 13, 2016

Do not expect others to be honest with themselves or even with you. If you harbor such expectations of others. All you will end up with is plenty of grief and disappointment.

Besides it’s impossible to hope to control others. You might as well go and plough the sea. Or aspire to be the Emperor of the kingdom of the ants.

All you can really hope to do in this journey called life – is to cultivate honesty with yourself.

Once you grow comfortable with this idea of being honest with yourself….at some point in your education.

You will begin to see the world and everyone in it as they truly are and not what others or even they themselves may insist they stand for.

That if you must know is the first lesson in honesty – the ability to see, hear and think clearly.


‘The truth hurts. Yes, it must be terribly painful for one to stand before the full blast of the truth. Hence to protect ourselves from hurt and the fear of being hurt – humans create something very sophisticated in the mind – it’s none other than the denial system.

In this understanding of how we see ourselves and everything around us – we all become to a lesser or larger role the assassins of the truth.

We invest so much of our intelligence and creative energy in crafting our lies – some of these lies are like simple line drawings like if we stick to only sugar free labels that might fight the bulge. Other lies are so elaborate and complicated they resemble halls of mirrors that only reflect what we wish to see – we lie to ourselves constantly and we even believe our own lies completely to a point where we hardly even notice any more when we are lying to ourselves.

On those rare occasions when we are conscious we are lying, we even cook up all sorts of clever reasons why that lie can be nothing but a version of the truth.

Such is the power of the denial system it even provisions a lie within a lie to keep our crumbly version of reality – it is the great obliterator of the truth.

So we go thru life wearing a mask or holding on to a narrative of who we are and what we stand for – because it’s too painful to see ourselves or to let others see who we really are. And since the denial system gives us the permission to believe that everyone believes what we want them to believe about us….it just goes right on.

Not realizing. As time goes by – we can no longer live without the denial machine.

This is how most people go thru their average miserable lives – that is how they’re cheated in life to settle for existence rather than to live.

It is only when one is perfectly comfortable being alone and perhaps even see the world thru the lens of an autistic person that one is able to marvel at the engineering excellence of the inner workings of the denial machine.

To understand life – this machine that resides in the mind must first be destroyed.

If the denial machine continues to hum and turn it’s cranks in some darkened corner in our head – it is pointless to talk at length about freedom. We might perhaps steer the conversation to the subject of football perhaps. Or maybe discuss urination techniques or even how to cook an omelette on a bonnet of a car on a scorching hot day….but it is really quite meaningless to attempt to make head way on any other deep spirit subject that involves looking at oneself along side the world with truthful eyes – to do so, is like trying to construct a building on quicksand – nothing can or will hold to ever support the things that would make the walls straight or the beams level and even if one somehow manages to put it all together, it will just be a crooked house.

The denial machine must be destroyed!

After that ONLY then can the reincarnated man and woman be reborn….before that. He or she was just a sleeper.’

Chapter 6 – How to be a honest person – The Way of the Farmer 2010

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