Hot Buttons

December 14, 2016

We all have our sensitive hot buttons. Whenever they are pressed – we go berserk. That if you must know contrary to common belief is very natural. We would not be entirely human if we don’t seem to be able to take strong positions on certain things like how we expect others to treat and relate to us.

Coming to terms with this reality – that it is very human and natural is the first step to recognizing our weakness.

Admit it. That is at least what I constantly tell myself whenever I reflect back on how so much organizational skill and manpower along with determination has been directed by some landowners to stop me from buying more land at a fair price.

Observe with it all warts and all with a sprit of detachment how the anger of poison canals thru your brain. That is at least what I constantly tell myself whenever my head smokes with getting even.

It is only when I recognize this impulse and see it for what it really is – a potent self destructive force – that I am able to see with my minds eye how I have walked straight into a mind trap.


‘Dont be in the habit of taking up others baggage. After all if you see garbage on the five foot way – do you dirty your hands by picking it up?

By the same logic when someone gives you a negative opinion – try not to take it personally…where possible don’t even upload it into your mind.

Just set it to one side.

Because the truth is that person has issues that he or she needs to seriously work out – that’s hardly your problem…it’s exclusively theirs – that person is suffering and like a shit bomb that builds up so much pressure it has to explode. You were just in the vicinity of the blast. Some of it is bound to get on you….don’t take it personally that’s an occupational liability that comes with living.

After all that person wasn’t even personal – it only seems that way….so why should you take on other people’s emotional poison?

When I first ventured into farming – many people poked fun at me. If you surf around the internet. You will find many cruel jibes. Others just made it clear as day that I was this, that along with everything stupid that they could possibly imagine.

When I reflect back on those early years and how much time and energy it all sucked out of me because I did not have the wisdom not to take these attacks personally…it was just incredibly stupid. Since it all amounted to a great zero to my life.

There is a very important lesson here. When we take things personally – that is when all our problems in life begin. As taking things personally makes you an easy target.’

From the Way of the farmer – 2013

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