Just keep it simple when it comes to Duterte’s evil ways

December 15, 2016

I don’t understand why so many including intelligent folk (it seems) much prefer to use words that hardly make any sense at all – when it comes to describing Duterte shoot first and ask questions later policy.

I can only imagine they do so to confuse everyone else including themselves just to come across as smarter than smart – what after all is an extrajudicial killing? Might it be something that is sanctioned by the judiciary like an execution sentence? If so what precisely is the ‘extra’ in the prefix supposed to denote?

Why not just keep it descriptively simple like calling it death squads executions.

Why not just learn to call a spade a spade.

As for Duterte and his death squads – all I have to say is – you live by the gun… You will also go by the gun you stupid son of donkey whore!


‘In my humble opinion China squandered a valuable opportunity to convey to Duterte and the world at large that it is eminently qualified and very serious about offering a sensible alternative to Pacific leadership besides the US – China should have made it’s position very clear on Duterte’s death squads – that it’s not acceptable for politicians to dispense with the rule of law and behave like mafia dons – that is the ONLY way civilized and very serious leaders respond to human rights abuses. They don’t ever look the other way. Not if it’s so fundamentally wrong as to go against everything right.

That is the basis of trust, I don’t doubt, it may have proven costly in the case of Duterte. But in my humble opinion China has all the power of persuasion to make him see the error of his ways.

But instead China simply came across as a I see, hear and think no evil partner in crime – as a consequence China has demonstrated not only her immaturity when it comes to managing herself and others on the world stage. But it can even be said, the cumulative cost of her foreign policy by acquiesce to evil can only be prohibitively high – as to alienate her completely from the much needed support of the thinking crowd.

This I feel is a very costly mistake on the part of the Chinese leadership – they don’t seem to understand leadership is not about cherry picking what’s convenient and easy to further the wealth of a nation. Rather it encapsulates the greater idea China must hold itself out to be a reliable purveyor of the good life to most Asians even if it’s difficult for her to do so – and one aspect of this requires upholding the elemental right to justice for all Asians.

After all, by language can we hope to speak about a better world for our children when tin pot dictators and their lackeys can do anything they want without regard to the rule of law? What kind of pariah dog wisdom might that be? That’s like trying to talk about whipping up omelets without wanting to break eggs.

If this continues – then I regret to inform everyone that I may have to backtrack and say that I may have was completely wrong about China’s ability to manage herself and others maturely when it comes to the South China Seas. I may also have to reconsider my opposition to the TPP as well.

For me I don’t see this as an embarrassing U turn – like I said, I may have been wrong all along.

After all surely you can’t expect me to trust a twenty cents gangster to do big things. That’s neither reasonable nor wise.

You’ve got to be kidding me right?’

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