The Fix

December 16, 2016

It is common knowledge to all that I and a certain landowner do not get along. It is also common to all that we have had numerous run in’s in the past where with each successive encounter the stakes ratchet up as the conflict becomes that much more dangerous.

It is also common knowledge that the nature of this game has become so serious that in all probability only one person will emerge as the winner as it now resembles a game of sudden death – as since no one wants to back down it has become a conflict that tolerates little or no margin for error – a deadly game of cerebral fitness and cunning where each tries to outmaneuver the other with the aim of total financial ruin.

Recently this landowner has landed up in the mother of fixes – it’s so meticulously executed and planned it’s like a commando mission and it carries all the hallmarks of my designs – the element of surprise…it’s diabolical genius….along with inflicting devastating and long term damage.

Though no words on this matter have ever exchanged publicly…not directly at least…obliquely perhaps. Even so it only a mere suggestion…but never ever openly – I can sense that everyone believes without a shadow of doubt – this can be none other than my handiwork.

In truth I have no part in it at all. Neither do I relish what has happened either.

This puts me in a very difficult position – as if I publicly broadcast – this has nothing whatsoever to do with me…I have play no art of part in all this…it is likely to serve only as confirmation of my involvement – everyone can only believe it must have everything to do with me that is why I am trying so hard to distance myself from it. If on the other hand I do absolutely nothing. Again they will think the same.

Either I am stuck with the label like super glue.

There is very little I can do to change the outcome of this story it seems…as so much of who I am reads very much like the man who ordered it proceedings.

The irony is I never ever wanted war. All I ever wished for is the right to compete in a level playing field – to be able to plant row after row of trees and mind my own business and grow my business with industry and hard honest work like an autistic fellow and from time to time buy more land at a fair price – even if that required me to close one eye to the frequently trespasses and jibes of others. I would have gladly obliged. But no…they had to force my hand…by setting up an elaborate obstacle course where I had to jump thru hoops and swim thru shark infested moats just to buy land – they made my life so difficult and transformed me into a hard, implacable and ruthless businessman who takes and gives no quarter – a man whose adept at even taking on a numerically superior adversary – a man who is feared by all.

In this story, it is not I who fashioned this monster..I can hardly take responsible for how he turned out! It is entirely borne from their handiwork…In this tragic story even should this man do good one day – no one can ever see it….as the mood of this scene is so very dark and dangerous that it can only read one way and no other way.

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