The story within the self

December 16, 2016

Each and everyone of us live within a story wordsmithed by our own hand. In this narrative, we see ourselves in relation to others and the world – in this continuous interplay is the sum of all our hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Write the story with a happy heart….so that this story will always continue to edify and nourish you meaningfully.


‘Be very careful what you decide to write into your life story. I don’t say this jokingly. I say it with the upmost seriousness.

As if you see yourself as a victim in this story – then you are most likely to behave like a victim and the chances are others will victimize you and you can only suffer.

On the other hand should you write in this same story – the narrative of a man who lives his life under his own terms and bows to no man.

Then you are likely to come across as someone who will behave very differently from a victim – for one you would not hold on the idea that life is meant to nourish human suffering and instead of being under a dark cloud of doom and gloom all the time – you may even come to believe that tomorrow will certainly be better than today.

This is why this story that we live in needs to be continually refreshed with positive affirmations all the time – it’s not enough to resign ourselves to the false belief…this is our lot in life…this is our karma…or fate….it’s set in stone….it cannot change etc etc. The story that is your life is like any other story. It can be revised and changed to read in whatever way you choose – new scenes can be added and old one’s deleted.

Many people I notice don’t realize they live in a story – they just wake everyday, join the masses of humanity and trudge to work, not realizing even for one moment – how they see themselves and the world is nothing more than what they once wordsmithed by their own hand…I am a loser…I am going nowhere in life except maybe in circles like an ant…not realizing when they write all these things about themselves. All they can really doing is reenacting a scene very much in the way an actor is slaved to a script…so they end up playing the role of the loser…the victim and even should good things come before them, they are so deep within the folds of their tragic story – they can’t even believe their life will ever change for the better.

When you observe people and how they lead their lives – you will begin to trace out the rough outlines of their respective narratives. You will sense this to be true in every sense of the word and that simply illustrates the power of a story.

Start by writing positive scenes in your story that is you and your life and you will see in no time the magical power of this force – you can sense it’s transformational effect on you like an evil curse being lifted.

Not long ago I stepped into the story of a sad woman who – why is it that I cannot seem to find happiness with men after my last relationship.

In this new chapter in this sad woman’s story – I told her…you live in the past…and since you see the failure of your last relationship with so much regret and what if’s that is why it is so difficult to start a new and happy story with another person. I went to tell to woman – If someone doesn’t treat you lovingly and with respect – then it is a gift when he walks away. Of course in the beginning there will certainly be pain. But in this new story that is your unfolding life – you must write it so that it reads, you will heal and soon all of life will return back to your empty soul again.

I went on to explain to this sad woman – but before you can do this. You must first press the control, alt and delete buttons to erase the story of your past life with this man – wipe out that old story…it’s useless…the past is after all finished. It is no more…that is no longer part of your life…why are you holding on to memories?

I went on to share with the sad woman. The only reason why you continue to live in sadness is because you are inadvertently reliving the tragic story of your past without even realizing and if you do that – you are setting your entire life on replay mode where each day will require you to experience all the hurts, humiliation and loss that was once inflicted on you by this heartless man. And if you are not careful this same story will sabotage your future relationships – you will never find happiness unless you erase the story of your torrid relationship in the past.

When we reflect on this example – we too can often see similarities between our own life. And how we too relive past hurts, disappointments and regrets only to take us further from enjoying all that life can offer.

What is your story?’

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