Preferring one’s own company to others

December 17, 2016

This morning while popping down to the village to stock up on provisions. A group of school girls ambushed me and demanded that I buy tickets for a village communal dinner arranged by the school.

I obliged duly and bought two tickets. That was when someone commented, every year he buys tickets….but he is too proud to eat with us.

I merely smiled, bid them all good day, stepped back into my car and drove right off into the beautiful sunrise all by myself…it’s going to be another epic sunny day.


‘Life takes on a neat simplicity. When you don’t complicated it with unnecessary relationships – please don’t get me wrong. I am not saying companionship counts for squat. Neither am I advocating that the secret to contentment lies somewhere in fashioning oneself as a recluse.

All I am really saying is life takes on a neat simplicity when you don’t ever see the need to complicate your life with managing yourself and others in unnecessary relationships – that doesn’t mean you’re anti social or proud or even feel that you are superior to others – it just means you’re comfortable in your own skin…even when you’re alone.

Most people who secretly fear loneliness and can’t seem to do things all alone without the danger of a nervous breakdown. Naturally find this aspect of a man who is comfortable with being alone very intimidating – as what it actually means is those people can live, work and play without them! That is to say, they’re highly optional – unfortunately insecure people don’t ever like feeling they’re optional – so naturally they kick up a fuss by labeling those who may behave differently from them as loners…anti social…not a very good team player etc etc.

The goal of these people is not to ostracize per se – as much as demonstrate the extent of their own failings when it comes to dealing with loneliness and idea of being independent.

This is Dao of emotionally stunted people who experience great difficulties with the idea of independence and sustainable living – they always feel the need to impose THEIR parochial values on others who are different from them just to keep their crumbly world intact.

Knowing this can only empower you! As since you are able to discern their psychology with such accuracy and clarity – that allows you to depersonalize yourself from the situation.

In truth. There is nothing wrong keeping a dignified distance from others – nothing wrong whatsoever…that after all is your elemental right as a human being – you don’t ever need to feel the pressure of being part of a team or even see yourself as a subset of a tribe just to belong or to shape a coherent identity – all that counts for nothing. Besides it’s all made up somewhere between the distance of your two ears – like how you once believed in tooth fairies and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow.

When one is comfortable and assured in being self sufficient all alone – all those extraneous nonsense that the world keeps on insisting is and must be important ceases to have any meaning.

Like I said. Life takes on a neat simplicity. It’s quite wonderful, really.

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