My understanding of the Trump society

December 18, 2016

When you stick a label on your forehead and call yourself a democrat, Republican, right, left or middle, or anything else that pigeons hole your beliefs and values into any category of state of mind or school of thought – it is conceivable, you are being violent. Yes, I understand it is very peculiar to use the word violent. But what other word can best describe this attitude?

Because when you ascribe a label to yourself – are you not separating yourself from the rest of mankind?

Are you not in fact saying this is the line. I am here and you are there! Might you even be saying I see only black and not white….what about the man who sees different gradients of greys?

Even if you don’t see it as a form of violence – by the mere act of separating yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it will certainly breed violence and divide brother from brother.

Violence begets violence.


‘We are living in a world where people are increasingly divided – they are not only divided by different levels of understandings. But they are also deeply divided on how they see others who may not share the same beliefs and values as them. And within this divisions, there are yet more divisions that continue to separate mankind. I am gay or straight or can go both ways..I like ice cream in a cone and not in a cup….I only stir my coffee anti clockwise…I am left handed…hair grows on the back of my hand? left shoe is bigger than my right.

There are so many different flags out there that it’s hard to see all of them ever coming under one known as the united stares of America – we are living in a very different world from the one we used to inhabit.’

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