Russia influenced US elections…so what?

December 18, 2016

So what?…may not at first come across as a sound reaction to recent media claims Russia directly interfered with the presidential election — but when one considers the clandestine past of the CIA in how it has thru the last 70 years dabbled in unmitigated regime change, political assassinations along with covertly supporting tin pot dictators to further it’s own nefarious hidden agenda.

It’s hard if not impossible to expect well read folk to react with genuine shock or for that matter surprise to the latest round of allegations – Russia interfered with the US elections….after all isn’t this how the perennial cat and mouse game has always been played since it’s inception when the Berlin Wall was erected in the late fifties?

So please tell me something new besides what we already know.


‘It’s really quite disingenuous for politicians to harbor the kiddies sand box political belief the general public may be so naive as to believe for one moment Russia would not at least try to influence the US elections. Ok many might be surprised and I have to admit that certainly comes as surprise to me….only because that’s how the game has always been played.

Don’t believe me. Go and read up on the sad and violent history of South America. Along with try to figure out who was actually behind the Yeltsin win in the late eighties that eventually culminated in the demise of the USSR.

I guess what the US is the trying to say when she expects everyone to express some measure of shock and outrage – in a round about way at least is ONLY they and their reliable allies have the elemental right to play and win in this sort of back stabbing game. No one else should beat them at their own game. Not without being named and shamed when the US and their reliable allies can seem to discover the imagination to win decisively in cyberspace.

Well that is certainly how it all comes across to me and that’s certainly very childish.

Or maybe the US and their reliable allies expects everyone including those who may be well versed in it’s ignominious history in dabbling in diplomatic assassinations, regime change and propping up tin pot dictatorships to suspend belief – maybe those who are pursuing this line of enquiry are so open minded about this whole subject that their brains are even spilling out to suggest it could have turned out any other way than the way it actually panned out.

That’s just incredibly childish.

I mean if I said to you even in my line of business – some landowners wield so much power that they can even arrange for little me to spend a couple of days in jail just to put the cinder of fear in my heart and soul. You would probably balk at me and shout out – look here! We are not living in the Middle Ages! Things like that don’t happen any more!

And if I said to you that I have actually spent time in jail – you would probably say, well maybe you did something wrong….and if I went on to say all I did was walk into a shop to buy a packet of fisherman friends and this was what actually transpired – you would probably shake your head in disbelief…and I guess that is why we inhabit very different worlds where my reality has nothing whatsoever to do with your conception.

But that defining difference may also account for why I see things and events very differently from you…in my understanding of the known world. There can only be one reality. I don’t doubt from time to time, I do dream of such a lofty thing as a level playing field…but as the years past by it’s with much regret that I have to inform you – I no longer believe in that pie in the sky sentiment any longer.*

It is conceivable we live in a dirty world…where there is no goodness. None whatsoever and even if by some miracle of probability a tree called goodness can take root and find nourishment to grow – it will cut down by the forces of darkness!

I don’t doubt. From time to time I may yet see slivers of innocence reflected in the clear eyes of children when they speak as they do with high pitched voices about studying hard to take care of their parents one day. Or even come across honorable men who care enough about equity and fairness to restore my faith in humanity – but by and large they’re just too many snakes on the bloody plane!’

* Not very long a bond servant walked up the hill all alone with her newborn baby – my body guards did not stop her as she was with a child – when the woman stood before me. She thrust forward the child with the words, he is a bastard…the father ran away! I asked of her what is the meaning of this – the woman exclaimed, will you be the Godfather of this child?

The woman went to add – in return I will raise him to serve the great landowner…to always protect his lands…to always take off his hat when he sees him…to always be a loyal servant. All I ask in return is your word that he will grow up under your protection.

Thereafter the child was thrust into my hands – as I held the baby I began to cry almost uncontrollably. When the woman asked me why – I simply replied, his hands they are so for his eyes…his eyes they see only goodness in this evil world …no one will ever truly know what I have become…absolutely no one…as some things I will never tell a soul and only take to my grave.

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