The woman who looks for love from Singapore

December 19, 2016

Not very long ago. One of my regular readers travelled all the way from Singapore to seek me out in the wild – when this lady came to me she began to lament that she could not find love no matter how hard she tried.

When she asked me for my opinion – I told her very plainly….love is everywhere probably more so in Singapore than here. As there are only wild boar and monkeys in the desolation of a plantation. So how can you say there is no love in Singapore…that hardly makes any sense at all.

I went on to share with this woman – perhaps you should consider making a journey to the centre of your being to look for the stories within your own life that prevents you from discovering true love.

I went to add, if one looks outside for love, without first confronting the demons within one’s being that prevents or even stops one from loving and receiving love in return – then even if one day love in all it’s marvelous completion falls on one’s lap, one will still be estranged from love.

Do what is needful first…journey deep within yourself to search for the reasons that prevents you from loving…do just this and if you do it right. Love can only follow.


‘All of us have mental scars. We all do and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. As that’s part and parcel of the human condition – some of these scars are so ugly and cut so deep that it seems the only way to deal with them is to push them to the outer reaches of our consciousness – some people even construct fortresses where they keep these scars hidden from the world. Everyday they wear a mask and go out into the world pretending that all is well and fine – from time to time, these scars gnaw at them…they bring back hurtful memories that do every little except maybe block positive energy to nourish hope and the belief that things would ever get better.

This is how most people experience spiritual death a thousand times without even realizing it – they only think they can go on living a full life without having to deal with the many scars in their life. This is how we learn to repress our emotions – and when we do so, it has nothing whatsoever to do with will power or self control. If anything we lose the ability to exert control over our emotions and sooner or latter all our repressed feelings from the past can only surface and conspire to poison our relationships…this is the real reason why some people find it so difficult to hold down a job, relationship or even sustain friendship….as there is a conspiracy against them and there are none other than their worst enemy.

Please don’t misunderstand me! I don’t say all this with the spirit of passing judgement – rather it is what it is…and by this I mean to say, I call it out for what it truly is warts and all..and honesty especially to yourself is so important….as that is the only way not repress your emotions with the corrosive attitude of denial – let it all out….deal with it….see it for what it is…an ugly thing perhaps – even for me whenever I reflect back on how some people conspire to plot my financial ruin – my mind smokes with revenge….I ask myself why? During those moments I can even feel the poison of anger canalling thru my veins transforming me into a monster….fortunately, I still have some remnant of sanity to say to myself – just stand back and watch all these emotions go by like a raging river without being attached to it….as I look on impassively. Gradually my heart settles down and soon I am at peace with myself.

I am not saying for one moment I have all the answers – but this seems to work for me….at least I can feel some measure of relief and seek resolution by journeying deep within my core to always see all my emotions honestly.’

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