Why US policy is doomed to fail with Duterte

December 19, 2016

It’s very disturbing to watch as the US falls into the trap of appeasing Duterte and his two bit gangster lackeys.

The policy of appeasement has a long and ignominious history in the art of Realpolitik….if anything an appeaser is someone who feeds a wolf, hoping that it will eat him last…it’s never a solution. It’s just the beginning of more grief to come.


‘Duterte is a cheap Barangay gangster. Now when you deal with a bunch of cheap pirates, it doesn’t pay to show any weakness at all. I happen to know a lot about how these lower life forms think and form opinions about their objects of interest – deep down it’s a psychology of contempt for everything good bordering on the psychopathic.

You know I once had to deal with a consortium of evil landowners who had this delusional idea that they could actually control my business by rigging the price of land – this mechanism was like some wonder weapon that they put so much faith in…only because I deliberately lulled them all into a false sense of confidence that it could actually work. My primary goal was to engineer a long and protracted war of attrition where they would have to keep feeding this hungry juggernaut Great Wall with monstrous quantities of men and material.

On every single occasion when overtures of peace was directed to my direction – I kept delaying and making all sorts of excuses not to come to the negotiating table. As in all probability – I would probably have to settle for a lousy deal and that’s really something you can never do when you deal with gangsters. You can never to hope to give them a bit just so they leave you alone – as they will always come back for more.

So my answer was and still is a resolute ‘No!’ No even if life is difficult and perhaps even dangerous at times.

That’s what it takes to deal effectively with gangsters…there is no other way.

That why I believe the US should just stick to their policy of imposing limited sanctions and non cooperation on the Duterte regime – that alone would certainly degrade Duterte’s ability to exert command and control over the economy.

It’s slow, but as it’s very effective.

For me I don’t ever see Duterte moving so close to China that the Philippines can possibly cut off all ties with the US. There’s really too many linkages on the political, economic, social and cultural side between the two countries – If I had to hazard a calculated guess, Duterte is playing chicken and I would raise the stakes and call his bluff – bear in mind, the Chinese are also to some extent and degree a gangster nation as well. So if Duterte is dumb enough to put all his chips on China – the chances are he will be gobble up. This he probably knows.

As he probably knows the US to be indispensable to the Philippines in so many ways.

Had the US stuck steadfastly to their policy of imposing limited sanctions on the Philippines that in my opinion – would have been certainly enough to make the real powerful oligarchs like the Osmena’s and Ayala’s plot his eventual downfall.

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