Dreams and Different sorts of men

December 21, 2016

All men dream, but I don’t for one moment imagine they dream equally. For those men who only dream with their eyes closed in the floating world of sleep. Most awake only to discover much to their disappointment – it’s vanity only for the world to reclaim their souls as they realize much to their disappointment, it was never meant to be in this life they call their lot.

Then there are the other variety of dreamers and men – those who dream in the day time with clear eyes….eyes that are wide open and see everything around them with cut glass clarity and razor sharpness – not with the splashes and blotches of bold colors that always seem to pop out and blur at the edges – but with defined lines that separate light from shadows – these are the day dreamers…the most dangerous category of men….in my opinion at least. For only these category of men act on their dreams, to make them possible realities in their life time ….hence they can only be very dangerous.

Always remember, there are only two sorts of men. As there will probably be only two sorts of dreams. One is benign and harmless like a paper weight on a window sill. The other is very dangerous.


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