Only a Singaporean Steve Jobs can save Singapore

December 21, 2016

The economy in Singapore will deteriorate. The aperture for new opportunities in the form of business prospects and employment will likely constrict further. Lean times lie ahead.

To break out from this rut – a new paradigm is needed.

It is conceivable the old way of solving new problems has reached a point of diminishing returns – it can no longer be a reliable purveyor of the good life any longer.

This old hat attitude must be smashed. The thinkers especially must all come out of their caves….they must not be shy or coy or fearful – above all they must come together in the spirit of brotherhood and elect a leader to lead us all from further doom and gloom….if this is all left to politicians…they will all take us to hell!


‘No matter how crazy your idea – share it! Because if we both stepped into a time machine and went back circa 1980’s to the heyday of hairspray, disco and the Marlboro cowboy and I shared with you – one day you would be able to snap high resolutions pics and even videos and post them for free in the time it takes you to empty your bladder – you would probably consider me certifiably insane. That just goes to show how crazy ideas can not only morph into a very serious business proposition, but it can also very well set the world on fire!

All this comes from sharing crazy ideas….it is conceivable the way we are accustomed to thinking is no longer productive or even gainfully useful – the thing to do is not to open our heads like a can to stuff in more information in the hope that something new will come out from this mental force feeding. Rather what would be more productive in my opinion is to unlearn many things that has managed to encrust themselves in our thinking that makes it old and useless.

Each of us must share his or her stories to find the next big thing! You know if you look at successful communities – they don’t ever think like normal people. That’s because if they did that – they wouldn’t be around for very long.

Take the case of Israel, she is a world innovator in defense technology and agricultural. Both are quite unnatural – when you consider the IDF isn’t that big. As for the climate and topology in Israel, it’s hardly ideal farming conditions as it’s very close to a semi arid desert. But it’s precisely because of these constraints that is why they have developed counter responses – as since everyone is trying to kill the Jew, he is always thinking how to kill them first along improving his odds for survival. So they come up with new home grown solutions that eventually find an exportable niche – I mean if you go to Jerusalem and talk to people about foreign direct investment – they will all laugh at you…the Jew will go hahahahaha and tell you straight to your face – who the hell wants to sink good money into this shit hole. They are prosaic, so they grow up believing no one owes them a living – and when the shit hits the fan, it’s pointless running to the UN, that they all call aptly the united nothing. Because they’ve been played out so many times by the international community.

My point is Adam Smith’s formulated basis for the wealth of a nation is fundamentally flawed – as a constraint or lack is what is actually needed for countries to be competitive. If you look at many gulf states. They are clueless what to do now that the oil prices have collapsed to a point where the cost of extraction is higher than what they might even hope to sell in the open market. They don’t have anything to fall back on – as for years their seemingly inexhaustible wealth just came right out magically from the tap.

Neither do I consider technology the much vaunted skeleton key to competitive advantage. Or for that matter high tech – if that were really the case then firms that employ people who run around dressed in white overalls from head to toe would logically be the best dividend yielders in the Fortune 500 circuit – but they don’t survive long that could be why you don’t hear much about Intel any more….the firms that do well – all leverage on only one thing – needs.

To be concise the fulfillment of needs to complete a task – like me, I am a farmer – I need a drone that can fly over my land and capture images to tell me graphically which area is parched and in need of water – I also need spectral imaging to inform me whether there is infestation that can only be performed with an eye in the sky. But I can’t buy these things – because no one manufactures them commercially.

Everyone it seems just wants their drones to take pics from high up and post them in Instagram to say ‘Hi’ to the world, but I need mine to perform task.

My point is the firms that do well regularly fulfill needs – and this is certainly one area to explore further. What I know we don’t need is a work culture like HDB – where everyone goes to work like one of those soviet era institutions that seem to have all the precondition of success in the form of economies of scale, monopolized market share and political patronage but they can’t even produce a hook locally for a fire hydrant. After so many years in being in business – the minister of housing can’t even point to one building in the whole of Singapore and say this and that was build this way and now we are exporting this and that to X,Y or Z country to do the same.

No one thinking – no one is really looking at things from the inside out and trying to figure out how things can be done differently – everyone seems to be just browsing thru catalogs which is a very different mindset.

And all that needs to change.’

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