The first Twitter President

December 21, 2016

When Einstein was once asked, what’s his greatest fear? The great brain mentioned – the day when technology supersedes humanity.

Against this sombre backdrop. I am slowly coming round to the idea mankind may have already reached the proverbial tipping point i.e humanity has already superseded humanity.

It’s not difficult, not at all to derive at this conclusion when one watches impassively how Mr Trump seems to be able to compress all the mind boggling complexity of statecraft, brinkmanship, stratagem and Realpolitik into Twitter sound bites that typically uses as many words as what’s regularly printed at the back of a chewing wrapper.

Only in the case of Mr Trump he can even pass it off as a complete disquisition to explain away all the mysteries of the universe. Mr Trump may indeed be genius — as he could well be the first President to redefine the long standing relationship between politicians and citizenry and possibly rewrite how diplomacy can be conducted without having to use more than two sentences.

Or maybe he would be the first President in recorded history to start WW3 by twitting.

I don’t imagine for one moment the Chinese or anyone else who takes the well being of people and planet are amused….I would imagine they would all be quite nervous as they look on at what he’s going to tweet about next.

For me as a non descriptor farmer whose quite cut off from the machinations of the world sitting on a rock and watching all this go by – it’s not funny at all.

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