The sustainable man and woman

December 23, 2016

They all say he is a quiet man who prefers to keep to himself.

I on the other hand would much prefer to describe him as a sustainable person.’


‘Some words are so politically correct that you feel the need to associate yourself with them to come across as hip and cool – the word sustainable seems to be very much in vogue these days. It’s a prefix that is bandied around to describe everything from the only way to farm to why you should start your day tucking into yogurt instead of three highly unsustainable Roti Prata’s.

But when one begins to use that polished word on a person – sustainable person…what does it really mean?

I guess what they’re trying to describe is someone whose got it all together. That’s to say someone who always seems to see things in only the correct perspective and scale and can always reliably plumb to do, say and think the right things.

But that’s not really the definition of the character profile that I regularly associate with a sustainable person.

For me it has to be an ideal that has to go beyond the superficial impression of a very likeable and politically correct person – who always seems to react, talk and think right.

The sustainable person is first and foremost an emotionally stable being who much prefers to draw nourishment from within rather than externally – that at least is how I see the ideal of sustainability in the person sense, it’s an psycho-mental ecology where I wouldn’t go as far as to say the sustainable person is someone who necessarily goes out of his or her way to deliberately fashion an identity that specifically excludes everyone or needs no one – but for a lack of a better word or phrase, that might just be what all sustainable people do exceedingly well!

They are very comfortable with the idea of being all alone by themselves – so much so, it even comes across as slightly scary and weird to most people. And that is only natural and to be expected. As the sad truth is, the vast majority of humans fear loneliness.

The paradox of our age is precisely because of this fear of loneliness – most can only be slaved by a powerful primal drive to connect with others for no other reason other the urge to make a connection.

As a consequence modern man inadvertently fashions himself to be a unsustainable person who constantly needs reassurances and a 24/7 emotional support from the external world – what’s really super five chili scary to me is these same people who suffer from the fear of loneliness actually believe if they can find someone who shares the same morbid fear of loneliness as them. They would actually discover some semblance of emotional wholeness or sustainability to go on living instead of being scared all the time. Not realizing all they would probably discover is another scaddycat whose just as shit scared to bits as them when it comes to managing their own fear of loneliness – result: now instead of one person being afraid of being lonely…there are two. And that is why I so choose to describe this in terms of what I can only see as a paradox.

Truth is whenever I speak or write about how to be alone and why it is so important to humans – it will always comes across as slightly peculiar to most people. That could well be because they haven’t really sat down and given the matter much thought – what is a sustainable person?

That just happens to be first question you would probably have to wrap your head around when you are all alone.’

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